It Happens in the A.M.

Time goes by fast. I did not realize that how long it has been since my last blog post. I was planned to post over the weekend, but things changed (and I didn’t Twitter it). And I was planning on posting on Monday… I had a good weekend. I ended up going to one of the best malls (and the maybe the only) that is in the city. I spent the most part of the weekend with my cousins and Saturday and Sunday night. It was fun! I hardly every have that kind of a weekend. All in all, I had a good one. Did you have a good weekend? I’m sure you did.

Today is the 20SB Blog Swap. I mentioned it a few days ago and the day is finally here. I think everyone who reads this blog comes from the community, if not then  you should join. Nevertheless, it’s always good to see what goes on around the blogosphere. With this said, all participants have been paired up at random. The received respective information by email to exchange words and communicate on the topics for the posts and then they are swapped to be posted on each other’s (the partners) blogs. I got in touch with my partner and we talked and swapped posts. So you are in for a treat. I think this is one way of presenting more perspective from others to you. So the guest post will be published soon. And maybe that can lead to other things and ideas that will come into play.

So far I’m liking Twitter as other form of communication and being able to tweet up to the minute news, trending topics, and being able to talk to others using 140 characters. Nothing too too special about Twitter, but it is a nifty site. I try to find some way to make Twitter useful in way or another. Perhaps it gets treated as any other site. Perhaps it is something to experiment. For now I don’t know what to think of Twitter. I think it is another site that has surfaced amongst the many others that are being used today. I am not saying that there is something bad about Twitter; no, not all. I know I may not be addicted to it as many, many others are. I’m logged onto the site through the day (about the same with Facebook) and response and answer to the tweets almost instantly. I think Twitter gives people something to do, but may not be for everyone.