En el verano!

Where to begin? So far this summer has not been going the way as planned. What a bummer. So only six more weeks until classes start for the Fall semester. I’m a bit excited about returning because it is feeling like the summer is not going to get any time soon. Plus I’ll have something to do and then wishing to have a break and all that. When I am in school, those weekends often go by fast and then it will be that Monday again where we are dreading classes for the week. Plus get to meet new friends and ones I’ve already met and any other professors I enjoyed being his or her class. So yesterday I did join Twitter and tweeting away like a little bird. I did not have the mind to join Twitter.. buutttt I wanted to see what it was about. Now I know. So I’m there if you want to send me tweet. I am also accessible by e-mail and other places on the side bar. Tweet tweet.

Last night or early this morning, (your choice) I did finally fall asleep after being awake for many hours of the day into the night. I went to sleep around 3am Central time and woke up around 6:30am to hear loud, roaring thunder and flashes of lighting. I do not like thunderstorms! I did not know what was going on outside, but it did look a little bit too dark. I did Tweet about it when I woke up.Forgot to check the forecast for the week. And I don’t think the rain cooled the temperature down either. It is surely hot outside. Probably mid to upper 90s here. I like the winter and cooler weather where the sun is out and a crispy breeze. I’ll be really Walking in Memphis at that point.

As of now, I have been up since then. I tried to take a nap, but then I would still be up all night longer than I usually am. Who knows what time I will fall asleep tonight. Earlier, I found a nifty button that count down the days until the next blogoversary. So 189 more day until this blog turns 2 years old. It do not seem that long, does it? It sure does not. Let the good times roll!


  • advance happy birthday on your blog!!! when that day comes, you should post a video of you singing "Happy birthday" or a pic of you with a cake... Lol.

    about your summer break, travel with your friends. it's fun. i've done that this summer...

  • Dude it sounds like you gotta get your sleep matters taken care of!

  • I love hearing thunder when I wake up. Makes me feel cozy and like I could spend another hour or two in bed. I love the white noise of the rain beating on the roof. Its so soothing!

    There is so little amount of time in your life you can be so relaxed... so I hope you can try to kick back and joy that peace a little bit!


  • Hi, my 1st visit.

    Ok, I'll wish your blog after 189 days on its 2nd Birthday.Sad I missed the 1st one but what to do I came late in this blogging world.

    Anyway, I liked your post here. Nice descriptions.I like thunderstorms but am really scared of the horrifying sound that in a way indicate destruction.
    Enjoyed reading it
    take care...

  • As was discussed in 20B Chat yester you need to try the new DRANK, it will make you sleep.

    I really love it when it rains especially in the summer time as it cool the place down.

  • Unbreakable: I never heard of DRANK. I guess I don't pay much attention to the energy drinks though most have shown on TV and in stores a lot. Usually I have no problem sleeping, but I think everything is normal.

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