The Weekend Post

Hello! How are you? Hope you are having a good weekend.

So it has been a week since I last posted something. I decided after such writing a post of great length to take a few days away to relax. The week kind of by fast. Before I realized it was Friday! But while I have not been blogging, I have been having conversations on Twitter. Sometimes I tweet pointless things and been trying to maintain a good deal on using Twitter in meaningful ways. So far, I’ve just doing tweeting things of interest and sharing with followers everything from personal to news articles and retwitting what others may have said. From the beginning I said that I signed up to experiment and see what this great deal of site is about. Thus far I’ve been meeting some cool cats on the site and enjoying the interaction among those who uses Twitter. There are many things written how such micro-blogging can be used to meet your goals and the proper way of using Twitter. To each his or her own I guess.

Exactly one week until I start preparing to go back to campus (I will be living on campus this year again). So I am hoping to get a good roommate and not some buck wild person, but someone decent and live in an orderly state. I do like living on campus except the part of adjusting to differ roommates that come each year and sometimes maybe a different on in the middle of the school year. I hope meet more wonderful friends this year. I’m sure there will be many Freshman that will be attending the University. So much will be new this year. Of course there is the recent news of the University of Memphis’ men’s basketball team getting their Final Four seasons winnings and money taken away. But the school is appealing and I hope they the case ends in the favor of the University. We are pretty much well known and I think they don’t want use to continue our success from past year; especially the 07-08 season. We have a new coach (the assistant coach got promoted and the former one went to Kentucky) and I surely wish the best for the men’s basketball team.

I didn’t know this happened until I saw it on Yahoo and then on ESPN. I will say that my University made many news appearances and articles written last semester and it was all towards the men’s basketball. We have to get our money somewhere. I’m not a big sports person, so I usually just keep up with the men’s basketball team and all news related to the school. But I also read and hear about other sports players and the things they do. Such said players like Michael Vick and the dog fights and the Olympic person that is either male or female. They are doing gender testing on the person. The individual sound like a man but look like a female. Your guess is as good as mine. I never played sports in high school nor have I when I was growing up. I remember playing my favorite games dodge ball and kick ball in elementary. I was a killer at those games.

I also am still try to win a contest that is going on through out the month and into next month. I mentioned this in a few posts back. So far I still have not won. It prize bundle is an HP dv6 laptop, HP Mini 110, Syncables software and a Timbuk2 customized bag. I may not enter all contests but the ones I do enter I hope to get picked as the winner! 

I’ve have this idea that I would like to being back to life. It’s called Synchroblogging (until I can find a cool title. Any suggestions?) What happens is every moth everyone writes on the same topic, on the same day. Sounds easy right? Of course. So all bloggers are welcome to join when I do launch it. So you just blog in whatever form you one on the same day as the other participants on the same topic. So that’s the latest thing that will involve the readers and anyone else who wants to add into their blogging experience.

Enjoy your day!


  • microblogging is really killing the real thing... tweet a lil lesser.

  • I'm still on the fence with the whole twitter thing. But I did recently sign up for tumblr, which is kind of similar that it's microblogging, but it's still pretty different. Oh well.


  • hello! thanks for visiting my blog. i am all over it now. I learned from my mistake and I guess that's what really matters. I hope you will visit my blog again! Take care always!

  • I've been lucky enough to have some of the most awesome roommates ever in school. I hope everything works out for you there...

    About twitter, I have not been using twitter nearly as much as I use to. I've stopped the update to my cell because it has been driving me crazy and waking me up when I'm trying to sleep/nap

    P.S. synchrologging sounds awesome :)

  • Good luck on getting a decent roommate! Both of mine were, in short, prone to disaster....

  • @johnonline: I'm doing my best to slow down the tweets and it's working. I don't really have much to tweet. So only if I need to tweet is the deal now.

    @canadiandoubles: Thanks for coming and reading. I know... I am, too trying to work with Twitter. I am trying to figure things out. Though I don't see much TO figure out, but it's a website that should be played around with.

    @charmedwishes: Thanks for visiting here as well. Glad that everything is solved.

    @Tellie: I hope I get a good roommate as well this semester. It's always good to meet new people, but not sure how about being in such small space! You can change the updates to the cell phone in the settings on Twitter. And when and when not to send them.

    @Torie Michelle: During my Freshman year I had a very interesting roommate. He was not the brightest out of the bunch but I'm glad to have gotten that over. So hopefully, this next roommate is like the ones I had last year. More or less.

  • hi! I am trying to keep my blog posts varied and I am very interested in animals. Its sad that we will only see these cratures in pictures since most of them died out because of us humans.

  • i agree with you. oh, i left my ym open back in the office. i would probably see your message later when i report to work. do you have a facebook account?

  • @Charmedwishes: Variety of posts are good and yes, I do have Facebook.

  • You have something to collect on my blog!! :P

  • Synchroblogging sounds like fun!! I'd participate!