On a Personally Note. . .

It's a hot summer. I am enjoying my summer, but it could be much better. Here and there I find myself on Facebook seeing how friends are doing and what their statuses are . I kind of don't believe myself when I say that I am kind of ready to go back to school. Only two more months left of summer. I could assume you are enjoying your summer. Along with the wonderful weather and warmth of the sun, summer brings the rise of high gas prices. Fortunate I don't have to worry about those at the present time. I don't have a creative muse today to really write a well rounded post if you know what I mean. I really don't want to post any more articles in place of the lack of actual original posts that I should be writing. Soon I will be leaving off to California for a couple of weeks. How soon? I'm catching a direct flight this Saturday morning. I am really excited about going there.  I will say this will be the highlight of this summer. 

The month is half way over and soon it will be July. July Fourth is a very special day for our country and it is celebrated in many different ways. My favorite aspect of this day are the fireworks. They brightly light up the sky with different designs and bring together family and friends. I don't think I would want to be anywhere else, but with family and friends on this day. Sometimes the real celebration, or true meaning, of why we celebrate this holiday. It is the signing of the Declaration of Independence of 1777 in Philadelphia. We all learn about this memorable day in history and government classes. Though those type of classes are boring, I find it interesting to capture some history about our country and about world events that turn minds to a better thinking.

Lately, my creative must has been off track. In terms, the literary side of me is not up to standards. I think this is one of a few personal posts that I have written since all others are on a broader spectrum whereas I usually do a few personal posts here and there without boring any readers who may be subscribed or those who visit each week. You'll noticed on the side that you can instantly chat with me throughout the day. If you prefer email, then that is available as well.  Those are a few ways to get on contact with me in a matter of minutes.

In conclusion, if you have a bright shining sun outside, you should go out and have fun. If it is raining where you are located, then it sucks for you. Remember to drink plenty of water. I nor any of your family members do not want you in the hospital from dehydration and passing out. Until next time!....



  • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I'm definitely glad I applied to live in the residence. City X is really NOT that big and College X has a couple campuses all over the city and there's also a university on the other end of the city, PLUS a marine training facility... so cheap apartments are in short supply.

    Once upon a time, I considered majoring in English... but then I decided Journalism was a better route for me.

    Thus, I think we should do a link exchange. :) Get back to me when you can.


  • Sound like you was just going to tell a story. I have thoughts about minoring in Journalism or something else that could go along with English. I'm still figuring everything out since I will most likely go on to grad school. On another note, city X appears to be diversed and has its own uniqueness. Also, I sent you an e-mail.

  • Have a great time in California. I hope you take pictures of cool places and then share with your readers. Sound like you are looking forward to this trip. Summer is a grand time! And we must enjoy every moment we have on this great earth...even the stormy ones that bring rain... :) Have a very safe and happy trip.

  • And yes, it is raining here and yes, it does suck.

    But my air is wetter than your air.

    Okay, that's so not valid, but hey, it's a comment.

  • You came to California and didn't look me up?

  • Have fun in cali Kelvin. Maybe you could upload some pictures once you come back. I'm going camping with some boyscouts, to help out the counselors. It should be fun, but not as fun as going to cali. Hope you the best