I Have Return

It's another month. Only a couple more weeks until school starts back. Therefore, I will be starting my second year of college. My SECOND year. Wow.. time does go by fast. I'm really excited to go back, but anxious to be in new classes and meet  new people and seeing friends that I've met during the first year. I did not realize how long the summer is going as I was excited for it to arrive. I'm kind of ready to go back to school, but then that will chance once it starts back. I did enjoy my time in California; however, I did not want to come back to Memphis. Ugh! Hot weather here and cooler weather there. The way I like it. I do plan on going back to visit my brother and sister (younger than I) again soon. We did not want me to leave.

I've put the blog on the back burner for a while. I guess I have a reason for it. Hopefully something will change and I can write posts in a orderly manner if not everything will do down hill. That isn't the case that I want to happen with the blog. 

I remember in a past post that I have the guts to write a book. That thought is still up in the air and I'm sure that the muse and creativity will flustered up without me knowing. I hope this idea will not just be an idea, but written in words in one form or another. I believe the same goes for English being my major and everything else that surrounds that. I must say that there's plenty of ideas and work ahead of me.


  • Since you display an interest in writing and you have been such a loyal visitor, I thought I'd let you in on an upcoming post. I have started a new "Featured Writers Series" where I introduce published writers (books, magazines, blogs, print and online.) You can read the first one ... p://thefearlessblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/featured-writer-jennifer-at-writing-to.html

    The upcoming post is one I am also very excited about..this writer is a fictional writer and you will have access to read "some" of her work. I think you will be as delighted with her stories as I was, being an English major and contemplating writing a book...I mean. Keep an eye out...

  • Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I've enjoyed reading your previous posts and look forward to reading more in the future.


  • You are welcome, Blair. It was a new blog and something different that I stumbled upon. It may not be the last you see from me! Glad you stopped by.

  • Hey thanks for commenting on my blog. Welcome back to the blogging world or whatever you want to call it. I'm really anxious about my new classes. So far the graduate students haven't been very good at teaching math and science and that has pissed me off a lot. Hopefully the new school year will be better. Good luck