Synchroblog: This Really Bugs Me

This shouldn't be too hard since it is easy to say what ticks me and what really bothers me. I'm sure this may happen around other campuses or just in the general public. I will do this in the format of a bullet list!

1. Cell phone users: I really abhor those people that like to TEXT and walk directly in front of me. Come on folks! Park your butt and text sitting down. Ugh! It just blows the steam out of my ears. I can be walking around campus and a girl can just be using using her phone and just be walking and just slowly take her time. I just wanted to push her out the darn way. It is not those people that walk fast and use their cell, but those who are taking their time. This also happens in the mall. I do not like it when people are strolling and talking on their phones. Slow people are walking and chit chatting gosh. Go sit down and use the phone.

2. The "I'm all that": Do you get ticked off when people think that are THE STUFF? Wow. It does not take much to get attention, but please be yourself. I hate it when people are loud and they want to be seen and think they are better than anyone else. This reminds me of P Diddy and  his TV show. Who would want to work for him? I sure would not. I've seen people locally that are out there and think they are cool. Peer pressure. Get over it. You're like anyone else when you are not around your friends. I'm not jealous or being a hater, but it gets tiresome seeing the same people creating a scene. You know them when you see them.

3. Homework: I can't forget to add this to the list. I do not like the amount of homework I have to do each week. It does not make any sense at all. I'm always doing some professor's assignment outside the classroom. I guess they don't understand that a day of no homework is a relief. I do have other classes. I guess they really don't know how I feel. Writing so much is draining me. If I wanted to, I could change my major, but I may not do it. Homework is just too much. I get a crap load of work to do and only so many hours. UGH!! This really bugs me because I would like to go a day without doing homework. Five classes plus homework equals an nightmare.

There. Three top issues that bug the heck out of me. It may seem like I vented and which I did, but these are the things that really, really bug me.


  • In my Synchroblog post, I said I was being greedy with two things that bug me. You beat me with three issues in your post!

    It's not just texting and walking in front of bugs me when a group of three or four people is walking toward one person who can't get past, yet the group still don't make space for them. You either have to be tough and stand your ground, or jump in the road. Grr!

  • Martin, I know what you mean. I can't stand groups of people just hanging outside and just being in the way of the walking path. That should be numbe four on the list! HAHA. You made some good points as well.

  • Do you know something? I text while I walk and there is nothing wrong with that. Lots of people do it. If I had to sit down to text it would take entirely too much time that I don't have.

  • They should have a sidewalk just for those who walk and text. It's no big deal, but it bugs me! Really the ones that actual walk and text are okay, but the ones that walk slow and text should just sit down or stop nad text or something.