Wanted: Guest Bloggers/Writers Search

It has been a week since I really written anything or updated the blog. Days are zooming by quickly. November is the newest month which means only a handful of weeks left before the semester ends. Do I hear a break coming? Thanksgiving will be here soon before we know it as well. Yummy food on that special, grateful day. I really have not been too motivated to write a blog post, but it is usually on my mind on what to blog about. "What do I want to write about that? What do I want you to read" are usually questions that comes to mind when I am sitting at my desk. Hopefully I can obtain answers for those questions.

I have decided open the blog for guest writers or blogggers. As normal, their work appear on the blog and gives them an opportunity to help gain them readers and to help my from losing hits and subscribers in order to keep up the pace of the weekly posts. With this said, I am on the hunt for guest bloggers or writers. You can shoot me an e-mail or instant message and we can begin to communicate.


  • Yes, I am interested in guest blogging. My blog http://thatlovedflower.blogspot.com

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    Suprex06atgmail.com my mail address. Contact me.