Webcam Software: WebcamMax


I'm sure you all have heard of the web cam software, WebcamMax and the awesome features it have when you download it to use your webcam to chat with family and friends or to even make videos for YouTube or other social networks. I will say that in the past I have used this very handy program and I believe it is the best out there. If you think being on your webcam you should try WebcamMax with the great features such as sharing pictures, having a fun avatar that represents you, being able to play movies for those you are chatting with, having different video effects that can work for the popular messengers applications and some of the different web sites that you allow the usage of the web cam. The best part about WebcamMax is that you can doodle directly on your video in real time! Isn't that awesome?

Another feature that I like is the Picture in Picture (PinP) feature that you have on televisions, it goes right along with live web cam chats with this product. You even have the ability to use virtual webcam to fool friends thinking that the fake video is not the real webcam. On the site, the developers offer screen shots of what the program will look like on your cam. Many, many cam effects can be downloaded and different neat features that will help spice you your next video. It even works for all webcams.

I think I would like to try this software out and make a video using the different features for fun and games. Take a stab at this software and you may never know, you may end up being addicted to it. I can not find any other program that is, on my scale, a 10 out of 10 stars. It is recommended that you go download the software and even buy it after you have tried the trial out because there is no other software like WebcamMax. You might not know what you are missing out on. You will not regret trying this fun software out and taking the the typical, average (because it is not your average program most others will use) webcam to the next level with so many features and effects that help you with your next video chat or project. It is worth your time to get comfortable and find out what WebcamMax has to offer you!

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Happy New Year Everyone!




I hope everyone will have a happy new year. After all, it is 2009! New things come in big packages. A new hear comes special things. I will hope to have good news for all regular readers and visitors.

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