FDR and the Great Depression

  • Key ideas and programs that occurred during the Great Depression.

New Deal is the plan Roosevelt created to help the country get out of terrible condition (The Great Depression). This is similar to modern governmental plans that help get present day Americans out of debt, wars, economic issues, including humanity situations.

Bonus army can be thought as the war veterans who wanted help also out of the Depression since they served during the wars of the country; however, it did not sound as easy because of the Depression caused these people to riot and go crazy.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is the big company that deals with the environmental issues in the Tennessee region and within some other states in the rage. TVA can be thought of as assistance to help advance the Tennessee Valley area and the environment as well from the Depression to the modern times.

National Recovery Administration (NRA) is one of the New Deal programs by Roosevelt to help the business wages and other issues that dealt with workers. This is the recovery plan to bring back the spending of money and the country out of the Depression. This was also a plan of administrating the country’s time of need during the 100 days of FDR’s presidency.

Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA) is another plan during the country’s time of need that helps out the farmers and making sure they crops and products are being managed effectively. To help adjust this, the government paid farmers subsidies. With this in mind, this piece of legislation would allow the government to have interest and control the farming.

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
helped to continue to support Roosevelt’s plans by allowing young men to help with the conservation of the environment and to help preserve the wildlife. These men were unemployed while this plan was for them to earn money and continue to help the country to recovery.

Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established to provide another means to help those who were unemployed by providing jobs to those who need it to survive during the Depression. This was a major impact to many of American lives since they were paid to work and provide basic needs for everyone. Almost like today’s stimulus plan.

Social Security Act a federal, government program as a New Deal legislation for Americans of old age, those who are jobless, and a welfare program. This system was set up so everyone can contribute to the country’s economics as well as contribute to the needs of others by the current generation.

Wagner Act is the legislation that outlawed labor union and to make sure that labor laws were enforced and also everything was and equal to those who are in the working class since fair business practices sounds reasonable and the country work together to recovery. There are guidelines set that the National Labor Relations Board must go by in order to ensure that laws and laborers were treated fairly and with respect.

“Court-packing” scheme deals with the safety and respect of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs by allowing him to add on more justices to the Supreme Court since the constitution does not say limit the size of the Court. In other words, FDR played his to add more people in order make sure his programs were not said to be unconstitutional.


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