The World of Blogging

So, I have not written anything lately in this space. On the brighter side, it will be the weekend and tomorrow is Friday! 20 Something Bloggers sent out e-mails for their 6th 20SB Blog Swap to those who are participating, letting us know about our partners. This is my third time joining the fun and swapping posts with other bloggers. It’s a thrill to see what random person I will get partnered up with. So on next Monday, the 26th, you will get a chance to see Jennie’s (her blog is Generation You) post on this blog and mine will be on hers.  You can find both of our (awesome) posts on next week!

I’m noticing a trend of comments from anonymous people. I’m not saying that there is nothing wrong with that, but I would like to know who they written by instead making a connection of the authors being random people. Sometimes I find it interesting to read comments from others. I would have to say that. But I think they tend to not want to be known. Sometimes I write things and not think, one some topics, about editing a post. Blogs… if you have one and most do, you have to make it your own. No matter what way you blog, in whatever writing style. It’s your account, your space, make it your own. I believe that a lot of people, from what I read from 20SB, have their own feelings and thoughts when it comes down to reading blogs. But I am not going to talk much in depth about blogging because I’m sure you may have read and talked with others all things blogging. People tend to blog for different reasons and you know the whole deal with that. I do tend to try to blog each week. Even more so I like the conversations and the comments that are left because they help to spark new ideas and perspectives. Not everyone read blogs will comment. Only when they feel needed to comment. There are conversations out there about people leaving useless comments that do not contribute to the conversations. Sometimes the comments may strike up a hardcore debate; whereas others just want to leave their remarks.

You may be wondering exactly what I’m talking about. I’m really not talking about anything specific. Overall, blogging to me is like being able to write and keep an electronic journal publicly or privately-for yourself or those select people. I may not be a complete expert, but I will surely enough give you a best and complete answer to any question that may be asked. But I think my perspective of blogging has changed and still is changing.  From classroom blogging in the English Composition class to just continuing blogging on my own.It’s like almost everyone is blogging. Some have been blogging for 4 years while others have started within the last year or few months. I will say that blogging may not be for everyone. Some start off blogging, but then all of a sudden they stop writing and disappear. And this may happen to those who really have a unique style and we enjoy their blog. And the next thing we know, they stop posting and we only get the few posts that are still up to read and cherish. I even have seen this happen a few times. Where the good bloggers stop posting and I wonder where they have gone off to. Johnonline has the statement “Blogging is not a habit. It’s a lifestyle” on this blog. I think that is quite interesting that he makes that statement. Could blogging be a lifestyle and not a habit? A hobby? Or something we think would be fun?