Written Thoughts

Often times it is a relief to sit down and write. Sometimes there are no words to describe how life is whether bad or good; hopefully the latter. Writing helps me a lot in the ways that I can express myself through words and sort of have a one-on-one talk with someone. I will say that this particular semester, there aren't really any words that can be used to describe it. One word can be unique, but that is not the word although I'll use it. College can be a journey of self-discovery. Exploring what we want to do, who we are, and being able to do just about anything. Whether or not someone attends a college or university, in whatever they do, they will something about what it is they do to be enjoyable and worthwhile in a way.I can attest to this because this semester (along with the stress and long nights and sleepless nights.. ups and downs), I'm finding out who I am and where I'm going in life.

Since being at the University, I've met some cool people, those that I admire (have not found too many of them), and the ones that set them apart in a group of their own. But all in all, we are here doing what we do for a reason. Maybe the dreams or goals that I aspire to achieve may be too big for me or often times maybe I may get the weird look or feedback of people thinking I may be crazy. I know not everyone wants to be a teacher and not everyone will feel the same way I do, but hey, that is just me. I know there are those who may not want think or dream the same things I do, but that is just me. Maybe I'm thinking about actually want to be person that wants change, but there are others who may not be on the same page. I am not the person I use to be, but I'm the person that is evolving to the person I want to be. Sometimes it is said to be the change you want to be and I don't know that not everything will change, but coming to the realization of true reality and the purpose is something to think about.

There is something I must remember is to stay positive, keep my faith and moral values at heart, and know the reason that I should not fall but keep on going. I didn't want to continue onto the University for nothing. I'm not wasting my time and money for nothing. There's a path I have decided to take and that's a path that is not taken.


  • Be the person you want to be... it´s not worth it to worry about what others think or try so much to fit in. In the end, all you have... is you, because when problems come, most of the friends magically disapear.

  • Ana, you do make a point there. There is not so much on wanting to fit in because I would not want to any type of association with a group or be known as someone I may not be. At the end it is about you and no one else it comes down to situations that deals with you and only you; even more personally me and only me.

    I may have said this before, but I sometimes don't used the word friends a lot. Not everyone is a friend.... some are people I know and see all the time and others are those who I have actually contacted and talk to on a regular basis (actual friends).

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Finding yourself is easy. Loosing your ego is the hard part.

  • @Grant, you are right. I think most people can't let go of that ego that they may have. It could serve as their reputation or what they should appear to be known as to the public eye.

  • thanks for this daily bread.. ;)

  • i hope you're ok. dont be "emo"...

    btw, i'm glad you're back writing again. i miss reading your thoughts here.

  • @Johnonline: I miss writing too. And I'm doing okay. Trying to stay positive and everything. I should be writing something new soon as I hope to get around to doing just that.

  • It's so easy to become discouraged when you set yourself a bar so high and seemingly unattainable. Being yourself and trying to conform to what everyone else wants of you will nearly always be a stark contradiction. Just be you, and let people see whether they like it or not. And keep writing, for one it makes interesting reading for us, and secondly is it not hugely cathartic? :D