From the Bat Cave

Feels like forever since I've written a blog post...wait! It has been a couple of months. I've just been burnt out on blogging lately. And sometimes life does that. I hope to some back with some fresh content and fun for you. 

How things been doing with you? Ready for the summer time? I don't like this super warm weather... I'm not going to complain but man, it's getting hot outside. I need some beach-like weather here in Memphis and I'll be good.


  • so true - sometimes you are just living your life and soon some time passed until you come around to post. On the plus side, you have some good stories to share after being absent for a while :) At least this is what happened to me.
    I love hot weather - living in Switzerland it is unfortunately more seldom than in the US I think :)
    Anyway, welcome back and looking forward to read your stories.

    best - Steph