Life, tell me what's next.


Life after graduating college (December 2012) becomes more real each day and it opens a new door of adulthood. A new chapter, a new stones to be stepped on. I guess it's okay fall over and get muddy. But the other hand, I say proudly say that I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with the concentration of English as a Second Language. I'm still looking for a job currently. These two months have not been great when I'm used to always doing something everything since I've been in school since 2007. But I'm sure if I keep looking and work hard to my goals, then something is bound to pop up and catch my attention. Or even better fall into my hands! I certainly can't go too long without money. Tisk, tisk.. being broke and without is not an option. 

Besides that this winter has not been a real winter. Sprinkles, snow flurry showers, and an inch of snow here and there just isn't satisfying me right now. The only thing I think we have to worry about here in Memphis is icy and slick road conditions. Never the less I was happy get that much. I'm just ready for warmer weather and longer days! Those spring, warm, breezy days are coming soon. I can feel it. And I think Blogger should take after Microsoft Word and add more choices of fonts and real, numerical font sizes. If the options are good enough for them, then it may just be good enough for us to use. But I'd suggest upgrading those areas.

And if you don't like Adele, you should. That's all I'm going to say about her.. ooh.. and her performance at the Oscars!!  However, the song is "Skyfall" is still growing on me. Last year's Grammay performance?... my life was handed to be all in one night. I was "Rolling in the Deep" with Adele. Loved it! Despite the negative comments from the oppositions, I'm still gonna love her. She finally said her baby's name.. and I'm waiting for a new album from her. I'm sure she's been working on new songs.

I think I've written enough. At least for now since I haven't published a fresh post. Talk to you later.
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