First Week of Class

It's almost the end of the first week of school. I feel really good to be in my second year of college. So many Freshman feeling lost and wondering where to go and where to eat. So far my classes are easy and the teachers are cool. I have my Psychology professor who was told that he sound like Ben Stein from the Clear Eye commercial. The whole auditorium started laughing. That was very funny. Imagine listening to him for three days a week. Yikes! I'm totally ready for the weekend and being able to relax and just get some rest from all the ripping and running I've done this week. Believe, I think it is just getting started. Hopefully this will be a good semester and I can ace it all with grades of excellency.

I spent like $600 on books this semester. Agree with me that you may have spent not have spent that much on books outside of college. Though the lines were long, they moved pretty quickly. Well, at least the line I was in. And that the end of the semester the campus bookstore will be seeing by face as I return them all for some money back. In Oral Communication class we have to watch Obama's speech and critique/analyze it for class next week. I really don't want to watch it, but I am sure that I can also find it on YouTube this weekend. That's apart of homework that I have among others. [update: I ended up watching his speech so that I could have been easier for me to critique. Sometimes situations end up where we are tired of hearing about it or ready to move on and it gets tiring. So I'm anxious to get everything over with and for him to win president. I am not really big into politics, but I believe things turn out according to the majority]. I guess this is my week's update on the first of week of being back in school.

Synchroblogging: College Style!

What such an amount of people that are signing up. I was not expecting so many; however it is good to see people are interested in synchroblogging. The first session is September 14-19, 2008. The topic is: This Really Bugs Me. You can go and run with the topic. There's nothing stopping you from freely writing. This should be a good topic whether serious or funny, it should be all fun! I'm sure there is something or someone that bugs the heck out of you. You may have more than one person or little pet-peeve, but whatever it is we want to hear. Be sure to keep everything at the appropriate level. This is an advance note about the first topic. Also, you can be reminded by e-mail or on your comment section of your blog. For future reference, any questions or comments or suggestions for topics, feel free to contact me in any form.


Q: What date will our titles (and post URLs) be due?
A: The date to titles and to post URLs will be due Thursday, September 18 via e-mail at kloliver11 [at] gmail dot] com.
Q: What day and time should we all schedule our posts?
A: For now there isn't an exact day and time to schedule the posts. With this being said, for now there is really not day and time you should schedule your posts at the moment. However you should schedule the posts are any chosen day from your normal posting on any chosen day of the week. Afterwards, you should submit your title and URLs.