Introducing Synchroblogging

Calling all bloggers to participate in a event of Synchroblogging: College Style! It's similar to those blog carnivals that you may have seen throughout the blogosphere. Though this is set up for those who are students in college that blog, Synchroblogging: College Style is open for those who are students that actually blog, bloggers who write about university and college in general. Whether you are in college or not, you are invited to participate. You don't have to be a student blogger, but as long as it relates to college on any level you would like. There's no limit to anyone that can join in on the fun. The first session is scheduled to take place in mid-September.


  • Each blogger will write on the same topic that will be given each month. (Supposedly at the same time, same day). However, you are given a week's period to write a post on the given topic.
  • In each post, the blogger will provide links to other participants. They will let you readers know everyone else that is participating in the Synchroblogging. This is to help you get more hints. There will be a main list of all the participants listed each month here that will allow you to make it easier to find the others.
  • Though this is for college bloggers, those who aren't in college yet or write about college in general, you may join in with us.

Now ask yourself what do I get out of this Synchroblogging? I'll answer that for you! You will gain more hints on your blog, more readers, discover other bloggers of the same niche or another background, more comments and just the fact of having fun and doing something different.

If you would like to participate, have any questions or anything else, feel free to e-mail, leave a comment, or even IM me.