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Oh darn. The post that was originally here is not accidently gone. The comments are still here, but while in the writing of a new post, this one about the different blog communities – 20 Something bloggers, Student Bloggers, and the Synchroblog Project is gone. Sorry readers but at least we know what this “post” was about.


  • hey Kel! thanks for stopping by. actually took me a few minutes to figure out who you were.. then i was like.. KELVIN FROM 20SB! and i decided to join your blog.

  • Very cool! I had no idea about those other blogger communities! I'll have to check them out :)

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  • Gud to know of other blogging communities, and u probably know I am a reader so write write write!

  • Funny that you mention 20SB, because I found you on one of the DBs there. I look forward to seeing some of your discussions. They look similar to a course I took called "Literature and Society: The Poverty of American Literature," which focused mainly on Depression-era works.


  • I'm not old enough for 20sb yet. :(
    But I've been counting down the days for quite some time!
    I look forward to more from you in the future sir!

  • 20SB...that sounds vaguely familar...hmm...guess I should join sometime, huh?

    I joined the student bloggers, i haven't seen that one in my blog networking search. Hope to see you posting more frequently!

  • Yes, hopefully you will see more frequent posts from me. I am making that a blogging goal. Yes, 20SB sounds familiar, at least it should to you! Maybe you should get to know the network a little bit better.

  • Hey there Kelvin!!! Happy summer to you! Just drove through Memphis last week, I waved, where you there? lol!

  • finally an update from you... post some more dude...

    check this one too >>>

    i have to hear your opinion about it...