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Greetings everyone! I wished I could spread the wealth of money; however, the spreading of the links will replace the money. Catchy title that came to mind like not too long ago… I don’t remember creating any sort of links post that directs you to various blogs and sites across the online world. I believe it is time to see what share with you what I read and a few articles & blog posts that I find interesting and pass them on to you. I imagine that like me, you have read many, many different posts that provides you with links to several themed or subject blogs and others are just across the border.

So now I am going to share with you my daily reads and recent discoveries over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

6.24.09 featured blogs of the day
6.20.09 featured blogs of the day
Father’s Day Secrets

How Much Of Life Are You Actually Living?
BloggingBlueprint: Your Free Guide to Blogging Success
Relatively Journalizing
What I Learned: Part 1
Kill Jill Goes to College
Eight Things I Miss About College

Online Education fund to benefit both online and offline?

The Blog of Innocence
Is Social Technology Making Us Smarter?
Is the Internet Killing Culture? 

Whys Perspective
Text Relationships, About Text Messaging

Shared Links From Facebook

Teen Outsmarts Doctors In Science  Class - NBC Bay Area
Open door: The readers' editor on ... web hoaxes and the pitfalls of quick journalism - guardian.co.uk
SpongeBob's Golden Dream – The Atlantic (June 2009)
Long-Borrowed Library Book Will Be Hard to Forget Now – The Washington Post
Facebook Manners And You – YouTube
Plain White T’s 1234 (Official Video) - YouTube


  • I read the "How Much Of Life Are You Actually Living?" post at PluginID. I've been struggling with this. I know I spend too much time planning and wishing for my next good thing. I spend more time thinking than doing. The end result is that even when the next good thing comes along--no matter how great the accomplishment--I'm generally dissatisfied. I need to learn to be in the moment. It's probably the biggest lesson I need to learn right now....

  • Sometimes I think there is much more of life that I am not really taking advantage of because of the "quick-fixes" and not even thinking about the moment...the present. The question at the end of the post is a good one because it makes you think about how much we are living and making the choices that help us in life. Choices often results in the change that occur quickly and there are some that will affect us later in life.

  • I am a postsecret subscriber and the secretes revealed on Father's Day were funny, sad, and shocking (as always).

    I also read the one about text messaging. I've become more and more annoyed with text messaging. When I'm eating lunch with a friend, and they stop mid-sentence to answer a text message, I get offended: apparently that text is more important than me. That being said, I don't like the idea of text messaging becoming more prominent in the work place, it just gives employees another distraction.

    P.S. Thanks for posting!!