A New Year. It’s 2010!

Happy New Year!! It's 2010. Amazing. Look out because I'm stronger, bolder, bigger & better like never before!

This is my first post for New Year 2010! I still find it amazing to write and say the the dates with the new dated suffix 2010. Unlike 2009, 2010 has a special ring to it. In some ways it means something. And later this month, I will mark my 2 years of blogging. How cool is that!?! I believe that this year we are opening new chapters, creating new books. The pages of either one are blank, but we are the ones that will put the words in the chapters and books. I have not really made any new year resolutions. I never have in the past few years. However, this year I want to continue to be the person I intend to be in every aspect of my life – socially, physically, mentally and academically as I continue my collegiate years at the Univ. of Memphis. I want to continue to be the better person that I’m striving to become. I don’t really do resolutions because I tend to see them as goals that I may not realistically meet. However, it would not hurt to even attempt to accomplish the resolutions if I were to make any.

I read somewhere online about someone making the statement that it is a new year, but same problems that normally happen. Maybe it is true… maybe its false, but anyway it matters I believe that it is a new leaf for everyone. I can’t imagine what could happen this year, but I can imagine the music that will be dropped by different artists and the awesome movies that will come out. Maybe a few sequels to come that have already been made or even some that will rock our socks off. Anyway it goes, entertainment is always on the rise on all level imagine. Next month I will be turning 22. That is exciting for me. A year older, but yet I’m still in my “youthful era.” All in all I believe everyone is exciting for it to be a new year and a new month.

As I conclude this first post for the year and the month, happy new year to each and every one of you!


  • Hi Kelvin,

    A Happy New Year to you and your family and that your dreams happen this year (because we are in a hurry, aren't we?)
    Marcos V

  • New year, New chapters, New book! Couldn't have said it better myself.. and my newest post talks about it :D I haven't written 2010 yet on dates anywhere! Happy twenty-ten! Hope it's a good one!

  • (de-lurk) New chapters? I'll drink to that! You're actually right about the entertainment world getting a good year this year according to what's been announced for release in 2010. I'm especially stoked for the video games to come out this year.

  • Happy New Year to you!

    I haven't said this about a year in a while: I'm excited for 2010. I think it has some great things in store.

    I make resolutions every year; I usually keep half of them. I think I'll try "monthly goals" for 2010. My present goal is to be a regular and 'substantial' blogger who participates more fully in the blogging community. Haha.

    With that in mind, I still want you to guest post for me. ...will be contacting you soon. (or contact me: toriemichelle[at]gmail.com)

  • Kelvin, I'm so proud of your work on this blog. Really proud! What you said yesterday about not being a good writer is bunk! You're great! Sure, we all have places where we can improve, but that's the fun of it, right? I'm glad that you've kept this up and hope you will continue. ~ Wendy

  • happy new year kelvin! i've been this first week of 2010 that i forgot to greet some blogger friends.

    nice to see you getting active with blogging again. hopefully, i'll have the luxury of time too.

    good luck to both us! happy 2010!