Just Some Thoughts

Sorry I am on my soapbox again. It can be true or be evident that we do good things at our greatest and best work when we are inspire to do what we are passionate about. If you are passionate about something, then it will show and others will notice. And if not in most cases, in some cases, we may not do well under pressure or certain circumstances. Other times what we do comes natural. There is something special for each of us. This reminds me of that famous poem by Robert Frost that tells us that we should take the path not taken instead of the one that has been walked on before us. Then we should not go where the path led us but instead leave a trail.

The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is, because man is disunited with himself. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think in 2010, a wonderful resolution is evolve into the person we intend to be. I think that will be a good one for me to accomplish in my social, academic and personal life. It’s not often I jump on my soapbox, but I felt like that this is something I need to tell someone… for my sake and to let others that they are not alone. I always feel like I want to give up and throw the town in, but I always keep my head up and remember why I’m going through certain situations. But at times I just dislike when people are not real. I mean they seem like they aren’t themselves…maybe they have to put on another persona in front of all the fame and fortunate, but up close and personal they may just be a different person. Hhmmm… knows because I don’t surely do not. Often times I want to go the place where I belong. I like that song Home by Daughtry. The band has pretty good songs. But I’ve heard the popular ones and not the ones that are not played from the rest of their albums. And I also think it would be sweet for me to find that special person next year. Yep. I have been riding the single train. And on the train are other people single, too, but I have not met the match yet, but I am sure that will change sometime soon. I don’t have nothing else to do so I decided to write and yes, I know, its long over due, but heck I had to give in from not writing. I was not purposely trying not to write, but there are days where I have those days. You know? I’m sure you have those days as well.