To Be an Individual

And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in all the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. – John Steinbeck

To be an individual… means having personality; differentiating yourself from the others. Often times we all want people to befriend and network that stand out amongst the crowd. We have too many followers in this world. Half of the time they are not following for the good reasons but for the things that they are after  that are often associated with the in-crowd, the popular people, the overrated social constructions. No, I’m not saying that everything is constructed by people turns out to be bad. Rather simply saying that don’t be a second version of someone else. What I’m saying is that it tiring to see people become like others as if they are those “so called reality shows” and other programs that air on television that end up having a spin-off show. To be an individual means living an autonomous life. I may not be the person with the most to say, but I have something to say.

Any type of corruption in this country is what the individual seeks to make nonexistent. Every day some group of people are fighting for some sort of freedom to live their own lives in which the government should have less interference. In modern terms, to be yourself in America is the best thing. We need diverse people (not just by natural color), but by the means of exchanging similar or differ ideas, beliefs, moral values, personality, leadership, and bringing all that we have to the table. As people with minds of our own should we not have open minds and reject the perspective of our friends and family, we should learn to “agree to disagree.” True enough we may not all agree on the same thing, but common ground needs to be made. To be our own selves is to be awesome. That means we are enjoying life and making the best of everything, and putting our best foot forward. Whatever we do whether it is an art project, writing, blogging, creating some service, and what have you, the first thing you may tend to add your personality to it. That uniqueness to make whatever you are working on stand out amongst the other similar blogs, writings, services, etc. We all are inspired some way or some how to make life valuable. We accept those challenges and opportunities that will make us all individuals that can work together in such a diverse society.

And when you become individual and figure yourself out, then the changes will be noticed by family and friends. You may end up influencing other people. So much is happening these days that it seems like the truth is hidden and some one around the globe that just want things to be better. Those “things” could be the government -national and local- and even in the education field. We all have own plans (dreams) that we want to purse. Some may not be realistic as most, but it is valuable to be productive in whatever you are doing (hopefully, it is something good and not bad).

Take this post however you want…

To be an individual…


Community Discussion
What makes us who we are? What is your ‘ultimate’ goal in life? Have you ever felt the need to just be quiet and observe? What do you value most in life? What makes a community? Have you ever felt the nee to just be quiet and observe what is happening around you? As always your thoughts and comments are welcome below.


  • Kelvin, first of all, so exciting. You posted!

    Second of all, thanks for starting out with a strong Stienbeck comment. He has been one of my favourite authors since I read Grapes of Wrath back in early high school.

    Third of all, as to your actual content, being an individual can be a constant struggle at this age. I think it's largely based on the fact that many of us still aren't quite aware as to what makes us individual. We live in a world of endless option, so it's easy to want to try it all out.

    To build a community that encourages individualism within group effort would be ideal. I will always continue to believe that community is important on some level.

  • You said all. Individuality is some of the greatest treasures we can have and I fell that we are loosing it lately...

    Marcos Vinicius

  • You said all. Individuality is some of the greatest treasures we can have and I feel that we are loosing it lately...

    Marcos Vinicius

  • Hi, I come across your blog. It's inspiring. :)
    To be individual is to make use of our life well and useful not only in our own self interest but for the greater good of society.
    It also means that we are imperfect and we are bound to make mistakes, but it won't prevent us from progressing and learning from the mistakes, that's how we can learn to be a better individual.
    We don't always have to be smart for ourselves but to be shrewd, as in knowing how to position ourselves in a society. That way, we cooperate well in a community we are in.
    :p Anyway, just my two cents. Nice post.

  • Hey, I was surprised by your blog, as not many our age take an academic approach to blogging.

    I think it might be almost impossible to not live like someone else. Whether it be your parents, friends, mentor, etc...I think we take little pieces of their philosophies and doctrines to heart more than we might think. It's also interesting to me, if I may read into Steinbeck here, that his ideal individual is almost the most chaotic one. Kierkegaard comes to the conclusion that such freedom that humanity is given only really leads to fear and loathing. A sense of dread. Other people's ideal of the individual, say Christians, feel that being like Christ is the only true way to have person hood or individuality. Kierkegaard would call this hope a type of "leap of faith". This would be contra to Steinbeck or even what you are saying in that they are trying to match their person hood toward something rather than nothing. While matching your personality or individualism to other finite beings only makes you more crooked, trying to shape your individuality toward a perfect example might be the best way to full develop your humanity.

    On a side note, couldn't the free exploring mind be the most dangerous thing in the world as well as the most valuable? I'm talking more out of a scientific and technological standpoint here more than anything, but just a side thought.

    Again, I like your thoughts and your blog.

    Good stuff here.