So I Need to Vent

So I have not been myself lately. I usually don't like venting...but I got to some feelings/emotions/stress to release. Trying to keep up with all the homework and assignments given in school and staying focus. I gotta get back on track. Its not like me to fall off the path of success... Often times I may not talk to everything to people. I tend to frequently keep things to myself...but it depends on the situation and if I need to speak up. Sometimes I don't even bother. So much goes on through my mind, that I don't even really care to share. I try my best not to be a burden to people. I try not to bother people for whatever reason. People seem so busy these days. I don't think they got time; time has them!

I don't know if that's good or bad. I've been spacing out and pretty much been preoccupied. I'm pretty much paying attention to where I'm going rather than where I came from! I'm thankful for those that I've gotten to know and even still know them. Its the simple things that matter. Sometimes people we know become people we knew. Those that I do know and once knew, I still think about them, wondering what they are doing in life. That's what people, friends, associates, etc, are supposed to do right? Or maybe I'm just being too nice. Perhaps to some agree people may feel the same or beg to differ.

Okay, so I'm different than most people I know and associate with on some basis. Being different with commonalities is cool because it won't be any fun if we were all the same. I don't set myself apart from others. Rather I'm just being myself. Yep.. just Kelvin! Okay. So maybe there are some things I need to work on about myself. I'm not too keen when it comes to socializing and meeting and greeting people. But that shouldn't be too big of a factor, right?...I don't really talk with a lot of people. Barely get text or phone call...maybe they forgot about me and find time to talk with others. Or even maybe it is just me over thinking things. I do talk on the phone sometimes...if I have something to say or need to for necessary reasons. I'm always thinking about things and trying to tighten up any loose screws in the head. I try not to go insane in the membrane! I try to keep things simple; and making such things not so complicated like I normally do. Sometimes behind the smile you never know what is going on in a person's life. Its the simple small talk, or a smile, or a text, phone call, or something that can make a difference's in someone day or even bring a smile on their face...


  • "I'm pretty much paying attention to where I'm going rather than where I came from! [...] Sometimes people we know become people we knew."

    I know what it's like to be in this kind of funk/rut, but I learned that instead of trying so hard to see where you're going or looking back to what once was, you have to focus on each moment in the present.

    I don't have the regular contact I used to have with some of my former friends/associates/etc., but it's very clear to me that this is because I have to focus on -my- life in the right here&now. (Maybe you need to do that, too?) It's okay to wonder about people you care/once cared about, but a preoccupation with the past or future will bring you down so low. Trust me, I get being the occasional anti-social, but if your wondering about old acquaintances without actually being in touch with them is worrying you so, try reaching out to them rather than waiting on a text/call/smoke signal/carrier pigeon to pop up. It's likely not to come. Based on the response (or lack thereof) you receive after contacting them, you can judge whether or not you should care as much as you do.

    When you're on track, the people who need to be in your life will be. If there are floaters in there who shouldn't be, at that time, you'll be able to see clearer who needs to get the boot. At least, it's always turned out this way for me. Life has a magical way of restoring its balance.

    Best wishes. K.I.T.

  • finally a new post from you!

    nice to read what's going on in kelvin's mind...hmmm, very chaotic inside but looked so unruffled outside.

    anyway, dude, don't be such a loner. let loose sometimes. school is not everything...just saying.

  • "let loose sometimes" <--ab-so-lute-ly.

  • i always enjoy it when you share, kelvo. i think you should do it more often.xx

  • I finally got a chance to read your blog!

    Your last sentence, so true. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call or text to turn someone's day around.

    And what else can I say when K.I.T has said it all ever so nicely?

    Best of luck dude.


  • someone needs to get up on it and post a new blog!

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