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Good morning America! The weekend just zoomed on by without notifying me that it was going to end. School is going well and fall break will be here shortly and thereafter (in two months) will be the semester break. I don't know about you, but I am ready for the long wintry, break. I have not gotten to blog as you may have wanted me to, but I have shared with you some very good essays dealing with the human development, the way human learn, and everything about psychology. I hope you have found the essays to be thought provoking. It took some effort to write those essays for class and figure that I would share them with you.

In other news, Friday I had to opportunity to have an interview with Alex who runs the Student Bloggers network. I was very excited to have received the e-mail on last week to answer the questions with responses like none other. I am featured in the latest edition of Meet a Student Blogger. It is a very good interview between Alex and I on blogging, the Synchbroblog, and the future of me blogging after graduation. Go check it out!

The next round of Synchroblog will be later this month. October is back again along with Halloween. The topic may be related to Halloween. However, the topic has not be made yet. but nevertheless you can always suggestion any ideas or topics. However, the suggestion does really have to relate to Halloween, but you're always open to just say whatever you want. There may be some people that are already planning parties, deciding on what costume they want (for the younger children), and even the thoughts of haunted houses. A good thriller movie with your boyfriend or girlfriend would be spice up the romantic evening. And if you are single, then you can scar your own self with the elements of the movies and your imagination! So be on the lookout for the this month's topic.