Synchroblog: I'm in a Good Mood When....

Time sure flies. It is time to write about synchroblog post (number 2). This is a good topic. Usually I am in a good mood or sometimes there are certain things that will make happy or put me me in regular place. I do not know where to begin nor how to approach the subject. I'll "free style" this as thoughts come to mind.

- I'm happy and being myself when I am able to sit down and relax. I don't have to rush to complete a certain task; I can just take my time and put effort into the quality rather than the quantity.

- I'm usually in a good mood or being myself when I am able to listen to music. I am open to almost all types of music. I end up listening to the music videos during the mornings or pop on the radio to see the latest happenings around the city. Music relaxes me. Often, it is turned up loud when a favorite song is playing; other times, it is low where it allows to simulate the brain to think functionally and creative.

- I'm usually in a good mood when I am around family or spending time with them after not seeing them during the school week. I'm growing up at the speed of ... of ... a day! It is good to have good conversation with them and seeing them on the weekend. Often, too much time with them will send me overboard.

- I'm being myself when I eat. I enjoy eating and love food. Sometimes I just eat "too much." I mean who doesn't like to eat? Food gives off energy and fills the belly good enough to fall asleep once completing the task of eating a meal. So I'm being myself when I want to eat up everything I see.

- I'm in a good mood when I have done, if not all, but half of my homework. Having that feeling of lifting the burden off my shoulders feels great. It leaves time for social activities and time to be on the computer. Also, Time to coordinate the Synchroblog and this blog.

- I can not forget sleep. I have not been getting much sleep lately, so I usually am in a sluggish; nevertheless, I gear myself into being myself when the lack of sleep occurs. When I am fully rested or slept well, I'm usually in a good mood. A lack of sleep cause me to be on the downside.

I will say there are some a different ways I am being myself and other ways that keep me in a good mood. I have shared with you, not in great details, but a good foundation of understanding of what makes me happy.


  • i like the bit about food
    mmm, so true
    and that feeling when you've finished half your homework is luxurious. yay satisfying accomplishments!
    oh, and i do have an amazing boyfriend
    thank you :)