Hockey And Blogging Have More In Common Then You Think

Today is 20 Something Bloggers 6th Blog Swap. So, the members of the community who decided to participate has a partner. My partner is Jennie White, the writer of the blog Generation You. So she is guest posting for me on today and kindly enough have written such an awesome post. Don’t forget to visit her blog to read my post! Now presenting to you, today’s guest writer Jennie White!

Hi Guys, sorry, but this is not Kelvin! I am taking over Moments in Time on this fine Monday. Kelvin has been so generous and awesome to let me guest post over here and I am really excited about it. For about the past week, I’ve been exploring Kelvin’s blog, Moments in Time. I am sure you all know this by now, but our friend Kelvin here is a beautiful writer. He’s deep, descriptive, and thought provoking which are all crucial for a successful Blogger. In Kelvin’s most recent post, “The World of Blogging,” he talked about why he blogs and why blogging isn’t for the faint of heart. It got me thinking, why should we blog?

Why is it important for us to twenty-somethings to sit down and pour out our thoughts on the Internet? We don’t blog to give our problems a microphone, we blog to connect to one another. I’ve “met” or connected with people from all over the world. I mean I am guest posting for Kelvin who lives in Tennessee! Kelvin and I probably would’ve never met had it not been for blogging.

This might sound like a far out comparison, but I often like to compare bloggers to a hockey team. Often people don’t recognize why people blog. They don’t understand the commitment and passion that goes into blogging. Just like I’ve never really understood hockey players waking up at 4 am to skate in a freezing cold ice rink. Hockey players and bloggers alike have a deep routed passion and the support from their teammates or fellow bloggers is key. We keep showing up to our blogs and to the rink because we’re getting this high and rush from the support and feedback of our peers.

Just like a hockey player, bloggers need to be tough. They need to show commitment and show passion. Use your blog to broadcast your commitment and passion. Who knows who will stumble upon it from Google one day? Commit yourself to your readers and your network; blogging is all about supporting one another. Your thoughts are more valuable if they’re out there, available for people to react, agree, and disagree. What good are your thoughts locked up inside that brain of yours? Trust me, we want to hear them!

So yes, maybe I did just compare blogging to hockey, you’ve probably never heard that one before, but I really liked how in Kelvin’s post, “The World of Blogging,” he stressed the importance of staying committed to your blog.


  • I think it's a good analogy. I never played hockey, but I can pretend you are comparing blogging to dance, and then I get it. :)

  • thanks jennie for this... you're right, this is the first time i heard someone compare blogging to hockey.

    i really have those weird moments asking myself why do i need to blog if i got friends around me to hang out with and talk to. i even thought of deleting my blog. but then, there are still things or issues that we don't or we can't share to our peeps in the real world due to some reasons. but keeping it all inside can really make you insane. you need to spill it out either way. and thank god "blogs" were invented. we may not really get opinions or advices from our readers (or maybe we don't have readers at all), but most of the time, just spilling it out eases the tension.

  • anyway, i'm also thinking of comparing "blogs" to "investment in stocks"... hopefully i could finish it...

  • @Holly- Girl, you can compare it to whatever you like! Hockey kind of just came to me at about 11 pm on Sunday night.

    @johnonline I question my blog too. You see my friends don't blog and they don't understand why I do it. I think blogging is a way to share our thoughts with other people besides our friends. Often times friends agree on most topics, blogging is more challenging. It's such a wide range of people that you don't know what to expect!

    Investment banking huh? I'd love to read that post, link me to it if you ever write about it. Thanks for the comment!