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It’s the end of June and the month is almost over. It’s the summer time and I can feel the heat and humid weather outside. People are on vacations, hanging out at beaches, malls, working to make some money, and even just relaxing and keeping cool. Oh-I can’t forget about the swimming pools… public and those who have one at home. I hope you are keeping yourself cool and getting plenty of liquids. Along with summer plans we all should be able to squeeze in time to blog. This post is more of a reflecting post. A post to write how my thoughts to the public, the readers and anyone else that stumble on. I will try not not bore you.

Regular readers, followers, visitors, and everyone, I will make it my best to publish more posts because I feel that I am “failing” (though in some ways I do not think someone can fail at blogging)  or rather pushing at regular, routine blogging as I did in 2008. Though the post counts may not matter, but it can be helpful in other ways as in setting goals or even reflecting on such hard work and the quality of writing and, etc.  I wanted to tell you all this because I have not forgotten to post nor any of you who stop by daily to read and check on updates. Motivation & satisfaction.

There are a few ideas that I have thought about doing for the readers and those features that are known at other blogs. Here are a few ideas that have thought about doing:
Synchroblog: This was started last fall for a few months but it just stopped on my part; however, I am glad to see that it was very successful and many of you have participated and hope to see more of you to join with us. So during the week schedule, you can choose to post on day of the week on the chosen topic. There has been some discussion on doing it different. Note: Though it started for college students, it is open for anyone and everyone.
Guest Posts/Weekly Feature (of some sort): At one point I was on the search for contributions of guest posts to make it a weekly feature to add some sort of perspective and funk to this blog. I posted about this in the past.
2A. Question & Answer: I remember in the archive there was mentioning of readers and visitors asking question and they get answered. I’m not an expert or anything but I will provide answers and an open minded response.

I think these are all the ideas that I’ve had over the last few months and sure more will come. I think that’s about it that I wanted to write in this post. Reflecting back on blogging is what I did as I wrote this post. I think it is an idea to reflect on blogging and how much progress has been made since the first beginning of starting the blog and how it changes up until this point. I think that most bloggers do not really show a “personal” side to their blog meaning that their posts only stay on plan and they do not make a personal post or getting to know the writer sort of thing. So this can be “purpose” of this post but it was my intention in the first place to let you as the reader, participate know what is going on in my mind and how I’m thinking of great things with this blog.

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Spread the Links


Greetings everyone! I wished I could spread the wealth of money; however, the spreading of the links will replace the money. Catchy title that came to mind like not too long ago… I don’t remember creating any sort of links post that directs you to various blogs and sites across the online world. I believe it is time to see what share with you what I read and a few articles & blog posts that I find interesting and pass them on to you. I imagine that like me, you have read many, many different posts that provides you with links to several themed or subject blogs and others are just across the border.

So now I am going to share with you my daily reads and recent discoveries over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

6.24.09 featured blogs of the day
6.20.09 featured blogs of the day
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Shared Links From Facebook

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Some Announcements


Note from Writer:

Oh darn. The post that was originally here is not accidently gone. The comments are still here, but while in the writing of a new post, this one about the different blog communities – 20 Something bloggers, Student Bloggers, and the Synchroblog Project is gone. Sorry readers but at least we know what this “post” was about.

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