A Frightening Experience

This happened while I was gone to Ohio for summer vacation last year. I decided to be brave and go on another coaster for the second time in my life. I find that funny. I've decided to write a narrative from the top of my head about the experience. I know there are times when we all get scared to do the unimagined, but we have to face that fear and overcome it. Cedar Point is an awesome place to go with family and friends.

An experience riding a rollercoaster with big, frightening drops made me think twice about riding another coaster. When I first stood in line, it was very long, but I ended up on the coaster in less than an hour. After I had stood in line as long as I did, I was excited about riding the rollercoaster. However, When I finally got my change to take my seat, I wanted to get off. Instead, I decided that I was going to stay on it. Finally, the ride left the station, and I was excited. I sat in the seat, and the first drop came; I scream. This ride scared me as it went up and down the wood tracks, In seconds, the ride was over, and I hopped out of my seat. Although it was frightened from the ride, it turned out to be a fun experience for me.


  • I can't ride rides at all. My vertigo just won't allow it. I get dizzy and sick with just the simplest rides. I can ride the Merry Go Round that's about it. Pretty pathetic isn't it?

  • the night after the first time I went on a rollercoaster every time I closed my eyes I kept thinking I was rollercoaster-ing.