My Manifesto of Life

In this country, on a broaden perspective that are goals and documents set out to help everyone near and far. There are also plans that are more personally and sought out on a smaller scale. These documents may be written out by a person, a group of people, or they can be written out for a business. This compact is something that is called a manifesto. A manifesto can be written for different reasons whether it is a goal to life, or if there is a need for a change, and even if its something that help us political wise. The manifesto, in general, can motive in some way or another to expand our ideas and broaden the horizon of building a better society and change communities to reach for the goal of teamwork. A manifesto can be a plan to change our view of the world, a document that will allows everyone to get up and do something about an issue that is very important in their lives. This manifesto is a combination of my thoughts, ideas, and how I feel about the today’s modern society.

  1. Diversity is among us everyday. Everyone is from a different ethic group. Accepting the fact that we go about our everyday lives with multicultural people is a good advantage to broaden the scope of accepting people into our lives, work, and school environment. I believe that we all should take the time to get to know each other outside of our race. Accepting diversity and culture is important. If someone refuses to associate with other people other than there “own people”, that person is on the road to discrimination. Diversity helps build up a friendly, sustainable community for everyone to enjoy. Not only will acceptance of diversity into our lives will help us on a personally level, but it will also give way to a better government.
  2. Going to school from elementary to graduating high school and going off to college is a standard path in life. Most people are playing a big part of our education while others really do not care. The future of education will be in the hands of future leaders. Education is like a button on a coat. It is something everyone needs to make it through today’s world. Everyone should care about education, the schools, the teachers, and just the concept of being educated will be like in a few years. As we all know that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  3. Being a better person is a good thing. Everyone can not be perfect nor can they be a stuck up aristocrat. I believe in just enjoying life to the fullest. If parents see that their children are happy, then it should be taken that they should be happen as well for their children. I believe that when everyone else is happy or I have done something to make them happy it makes me a better person to know that I have affected them in a certain way. In other words, we need leaders. Leaders that will lead others to better themselves whether it is personally or within the community. Leaders are to set examples so we call be become decent people and go through the process of changing lives, or if not changing the, influence of changing something from a bad habit to a good one.

No matter what we do in life we should learn how to become a better person. Yes, there will be the good days and the days where we are not ourselves, but we should not give up. Building a better society is a goal that should be throughout thoroughly. Not everyone will have the same ideas, but at least they will be set on the same mind frame of doing something positive improve our global community. My manifesto is a bit long, but the goal is to express what I think and feel to everyone that there is a time to become a team and realize that there is work that must be done.