Relating to Dramatic Characters

Through reading a novel or play we can begin to understand a character and the message that the writer of that particular writing piece is sending us as the reader. Not only is there a message to be told, but we should be able to come to a clear definition when we have to relate a character in our personal life. Sometimes we can go further into the describing the dramatic character and how he or she is different, but yet, similar to us in multiple ways. Furthermore, to narrow the relations of a dramatic character to how he or she relates to me, I will say that this chosen person is Medea in the provoking play Medea by Euripides.

In this play Medea goes through some personal problems. She is jealous because her relationship with Jason did not go so well and it started to fall to pieces. She seeks out revenge on his new girlfriend. As the story goes on she plots to hill the Creon and Glauce. Overall, Medea is trying to achieve the goal of hurting Jason by killing their two boys. If I was in Medea’s place and Jason was a young lady, I think I would have treated this situation in a different way. Instead of killing people and going insane, going to talk to the mother of the children will be best. Violence will not solve anything; more so it will be a bad influence on the children. If talking it out between each other, then going our separate ways will be best. If my heart got broken, I would take time out to recover, but I will move on and let the past be the past and just think about the future.

In this play, I think Medea had one interesting relationship with each character. For example, she loved her children dearly. On the other hand, she also loved Jason, but that feeling inside her wanting to seek revenge. I think she is like most women these days that goes on a killing spree to murder someone without cause. Aegeus is comes and be a hero to Medea by offering her to stay in Corinth. Knowing that Medea committed a crime, I would want to flee to another state or leave the country. To continue on with relationships, the nurse is trying to help Medea and give her advice. From her point-of-veiw, Medea has a cruel mood and a dangerous woman. I can’t seem myself relating to Medea since I am not a person with such mood or spirit as she possess. The communication with the Chorus should have been handled a different way than what Medea responded. I can relate to her on this part because sometimes I’m hardheaded and do not listen to anyone when they are trying to help me with a problem.

Though I have not been in a relationship with anyone, I don’t think Medea and I have anything similar when it comes to thinking and having a well though out plan for seeking revenge. To this end, I have not been in a big circumstance that would put myself or another person at danger. I guess that is something that is a difference between me and the character. I can say that Medea does not really have any friends. Though the writer does not go in depth about them, however, I don’t have many friends. I don’t think it is good to have too many friends since you can’t really be with them all at once. What I’m saying is that this point or matter in life is important. If the dramatic had closer with the current people she knows or builds them up with her mother, than she probably would not want to seek revenge. Simply getting a divorce is better than killing people because they are with the love of your life. That is just making herself appear to be insane.

Though we call can relate to a dramatic character, I think I could best relate myself to Medea since she shows one aspect of her personality shown in my life.