Getting Back on Track with Better School Assessment

When one person thinks about school assessment, they will probably come to the conclusion of student tests. Many questions arise when school officials are testing the students and figuring out what they have learned during the year. Teaching pattern is different from school to school. With this said, students will find out how much they know after they take the test. Most school educators are on the path of trying to restructure the education system. Every student learns the material that is taught in the classroom differently. Making higher standards to raise the bar of high expectation is slowly happening across many states. As years pass the curriculum will be different than the past education system.

Reforming education may sound like drastic change since it is upgrading the standards to higher curriculum. Sometimes change can be good whereas the satisfied people will want everything the same. I will not say that changing the way students learn is bad. The No Child Left Behind Act has left out the cultural arts. Subjects such as social studies and science have been left out to only focus on mathematical and reading skills. In order to give a student a well-rounded, quality education, they should be taught everything to the fullest by the teacher. The No Child Left Behind could be used as an alternative curriculum rather than the one used by the local school district.

Just bluntly saying the law signed by President Bush is outright wrong is not the right way to approach this issue. Giving out more assessments will help out if it is done in a good way. There is nothing wrong testing students to see how well did in given school year. The real reason to testing the students is to find out how to better prepare our students to be able to think critically and be success. To restructure the education system is to make changes that will benefit the students as well as students. If the parents are not trained or not active in their child’s academic life, than there are failing on their half of the game.

Giving school assessments can be good to see how a school district is doing and if they need an improvement in a certain area. The issues that are going on in schools now are limiting the teachers to be able to take full control of teaching their students. Solving the other issues that are roadblocks in the way of a student to learn will help the focus of education. To reform the learning process includes the foundation. It should be sought out to find the mission statement in order to keep the focus on why students are in school and the learning goals. This is a good desire that is needed. Getting down to the basis of school assessment will help the American school system. Playing the blame game will not change anything nor will it help a problem come to a conclusion.

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  • Hey Kelvin,

    Thanks for checking in on me and commenting again! I've been reading your blog too!

    Yeah...I can't believe that they got two cars in one night. I think people are getting desperate!

    Take care

  • But it is so much fun playing the blame game.Everyone wants to blame George for everything don't they? Why not blame him for the price of tea in China. By the way. "What do you think of the price of tea in China" LOL.

  • It's interesting to look at history. "When laws establishing schools were written, two kinds of schools were specifically mentioned: those that provided training in reading and writing, and those that would train for entrance into the university." You can read more here.

  • Still going back to this whole school assessment thing?

    We should follow the Asian school system. Mountains of work everyday, and corporal punishment. The only rest given is sporting events and holidays. School is only off on Sunday (for no reason because most Asians are not Christians).

  • I will have to say that school assessment is an issue just like any other major issue in this country. I don't think I can just focus on it and then just let it go. We can't just pretend there is no problem with the schools. Though I probably could do something about the issue with improving or "reforming" education, but now I can only right about with critical thinking and possible solutions.