Being a Leader

· Webster Dictionary defines personality as “the quality or fact of being a particular person; personal identity; individuality.”

· A member of an organization who holds a position of the executive board of an organization must have a distinct personality, but a moral one. A person in leadership holds the responsibility of making sure that his or her organization serves with a purpose. You want to have leader who is in the right frame mind to be able to take any position of the board of any organization.

· A role in an organization links to the expectations of how a person performed within a group or organization. The outcome of the role whether good or bad reflects the person who has a certain role. Ex: the president of an organization must act as a leader with an open mind in taking all suggestions by members and deciding what is best for the organization. The president must not just use the skill he or she may have that maintains the qualification of the positions, but he or she must also influence the other board members as well as the members of the organization.

· One way to help improve and organization is to make sure the leaders are in good condition. You do not want anyone to just be a vice president who wants to be the president by out doing the leader himself or herself or a terrible treasurer who can not keep up with the amount of money being spent and donated. One issue that is going on today is finding and training more people to become leaders.


  • Kelvin,

    I think your showing leadership. You've continued this blog. That takes some qualities to keep going even when the assignment is done.

  • agree,w/ mark keep going even after the assignment is over

  • Thank you, thank you. I appreciate everyone that reads this blog time to time and leaving comments. I know am a leader in one way or another. It is a huge task blogging and updating it something worth writing about.

  • I wouldn't say running a blog is necessarily proof of showing leadership. It shows initiative, which isn't exactly the same thing.