Afternoon Post

I felt like writing in my blog. I'll make this my aftenoon composition and write more a bit later.

I'm moving on to today. In my Intro to Theater class, it was a tad bit boring. We started reading the play "Medea" by Euripides. I have heard about Euripides in high school in my Honors Humanities class. Our homework for the weekend is to read the rest of the play by Tuesday. I will print it out - all 50 pages!! I do like the teacher, Mr. David Prete. He is a nice person and I like the way he breaks everything down so we can understand it. I do plan on going to see the play "A Lesson Before Dying" because we have to write a critique on it. I'm so dreading to write that paper. I hate that I got to walk across the other end of campus to the Theater & Communication Building from Patterson Hall. Geesh! I'm dreading to do my Algebra homework as well.

I did not feel like getting up at 6:30 this morning, but I did and had to do it anways. I left my room around 7:25 after watching a television show. I did look forward to being in English this morning. I will say that the way everything is going with our project I don't feel like I am just a student, but rather I'm a researcher, an expert, or someone that has been given a task to improve our city. We discussed our topics, as we sat in our usual circle, and broke into different groups. I look forward to working with my group members.

As I enjoy my afternoon, enjoy yours as well.


  • I went to see Medea a while ago. I think it was okay, but I don't really remember. I wanted to see A Lesson Before Dying, I hope that I havent missed it yet. I agree with what you said about feeling like a researcher, I was thinking the same thing.

  • I finished reading it today and it was pretty good. Printed out the from my Theater eCourseware section and it was fifty pages, but it was not that bad as I think about it now. I enjoyed the book "A Lesson Before Dying" and plan on going to see it as a stage play.I enjoy reading!