School Assessment: A Fresh Start

Today has been a good day, I must say. I have already discussed my day, or afternoon, if I may say. The fifteen minutes of jotting ideas allowed me see what I am going to do as I work on my project. It felt good to share with my fellow classmates what I have written and what I want to get out of doing this project. I have plenty of research that needs to be done. As stated in an earlier post: "the way everything is going with our project I don't feel like I am just a student, but rather I'm a researcher, an expert, or someone that has been given a task to improve our city.

I noticed that Wendy wants us to interview someone in the related topic we are doing. I have been thinking about who I want to interview. Maybe I would like to interview two different people. I'm not quite sure on exactly going about doing the interview, but it will be interesting to see what people have to say. I do have a few ideas floating around in my massive brain. There are other ways of handing the school issue. I know I want to be an teacher. I do not want to teach at a messed up school system when I graduate from the U of M, but now is the time for me to let everyone, and maybe the school district, know that there are problems to solve and action to be taken. This is one reason why I'm am looking forward to doing this project.

Not to make a big deal out of it (posting comments), but I written more comments than what is required. I was not planning on writing more than what was needed, but I read different feelings and thoughts and I was lead to write a response. With the comments in mind, I started to think about what I have written as far as comments and that I have to go to class and be surrounded with those students who have a comment from me. I did not want to post a comment just because Wendy told us we have to, but I wanted to help others. I want to let them know I feel about their issues and that someone is out there reading and learning from them. Hopefully, my responses, rather than just comments, will inspire people or encourage them even further on working on their projects.

I went on Smart City Memphis blog and made a comment on the post that was about the security issue with Memphis City Schools. The question is rather they should use X-ray machines and continue to use metal detectors in schools for safety checks. I graduated from a city school and I know how those safety checks were through the four years. Among that, I noticed other students who have chosen the same topic and I wrote them a response on what I think about what they posted and gave them something to think about. I thought that was a good thing.

As usual, your feedback is welcomed whether you leave a comment, have a question that you would like to have answered, or have suggestions for me. You can always e-mail me as well. I am encouraging everyone to communicate with me as I make a moment in this time to dare you to dream something that will cause you to think about Memphis and America, leading you to do something - to take action about the issues you support!