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I'll let this first paragraph be a summary of my day. On this morning, I had American Government class. I kind of don't like the professor and my math class was a bit boring, usually it is that way. I had her last semester so it isn't so bad taking her again... for now at least. Today has been a long, cold day. It sure made me want to sleep and watch television. For my sake, I can't always do this because I must do something productive. A television show I usually like to watch just ended. I wonder if another episode will come on afterwards. This week is going by fast and I am ready for the weekend. Before our eyes January will be over and a new month will start. February 15th is my birthday!

I have noticed that we are not using a book for English. Wendy thanks for not requiring a book to be bought. I'm so happy about it in fact. That is extra money in my pocket. Books are not cheap and neither is college to an extent. For me, I think college students need money for this and that and other purposes to cover both their needs and wants. On yesterday's post I mentioned that my topic was dealing with school and education. I also mentioned a chunk of basic ideas on what I thought about this issue in my manifesto. I really did not go in depth details because I did not want to cause confusion or get lost in word choice and the way of forming sentences. Therefore, I kept it at a basic, informal manifesto. I remember reading another student's blog and there is this comment that a student left one of the posts about the manifestos being written in different ways. I forgot the names of the students. What a slight lack of memory. The topic that I picked on yesterday will explain and go in details and in depth on school assessment and all that good stuff. Everything will be focused on a national level, but it will be summed up to the issue of our local school system.

As I go through the beginning stages of using this blog, you as the reader, will notice that I will be talking about several different topics whether it will be for class, something I want you and the public to know, or just having the urge to update my blog. Some ideas and discussions will be from publications (magazines) that may be used in class. There will be moments in time where you will just fall asleep and start dreaming. Who knows what your dream will be about, but just understand that the dream is going to be good at times or it may just be weird. There will be moments in time that will cause you to have that dare to think of a plan that will change your life and others. There will be moments in time that will dare you to do something that will change a law or make an issue made known to the public. These are moments that will be important in our lives. This moment, my moment, and your moment in this time will make an important date in history and for future generations.

I can say that I have stated the purpose and maybe just a mission statement for this blog. As usual, your feedback is welcomed whether you leave a comment or just sending me a e-mail.

Enjoy your night.


  • Yeah I see you agree with me on the whole issue with marked up prices on campus. I have a feeling these companies make the most out profit from college students. Who in the world pay so much for so little, and those bookstore prices? Its pretty ridiculous, that is to say if people aren't as well of as say...those who are. Good posts, I'll keep checking up on this one.

  • I had to say something about the high prices because I really don't think in depth of the issue. Sometimes I think, for example, if you are buying a book that is like over $50.00 and throught the semester it has not been really used, then that instructor should not allow the students to buy the book. I think it is a waste of money.

  • Hey Kelvin, I’m really glad that you’re in my accountability group - I think that you have some really great ideas to bring to the table, and I look forward to hearing more of them. You seem really enthusiastic about the blog, which is really great to see. I got really into the blog assignment last semester, and at one point it became more important than just an assignment to me. I think that I was the one who commented about the different approaches to the manifesto assignment, and I think that the same can be said for the blogs in that each person is reflected in their blogs. Look forward to reading more posts from you.

  • Man, you couldn't be more right about book prices! I've never seen books so expensive IN MY LIFE!! I mean, tuition already costs an arm and a leg as my grandma would say. I went to purchace my M.I.S. book yesterday and it was $125.05. It didn't cost that much to replace 3 lost books in high school! I feel that if I give the school about $5,000 a semester to go here, books could be a little (A LOT) cheaper!