Friday, Finally

I had a wonderful day. I went to Government class and we watched a news story on political ads and how they affect the way politicians work around the system to get votes or to stop others from voting for their enemies. It was pretty good news story. I enjoyed it. My friend and I was glad that we did not have to take any notes or hear the teacher lecture all period. After class was over I decided to come to the room to keep warm because it is VERY cold outside. I thought my fingers were going to break off. It was colder at 7:30 than it is now. I just think it is the wind that makes it colder than what the temperature is really like. I decided to watch TV as I relaxed to get go to Mitchell Hall for 11:30 math. I sat in the very back of the classroom. I had a better view from the back, so I thought rather than being way in front. Thought I am taking the same teacher that I had last semester, she can be a bit boring. Math is always boring. I have more homework to do this weekend. I have a good amount to do. I am behind three assignments now for her class, if I am not mistaken.

I mentioned in an earlier post about me responding to what the author of Smart City Memphis blog wrote Wednesday about Memphis City Schools and securit. Here is the response I recieved:
"Kelvin Oliver: We agree with you. Our reasoning against MPD providing this and other security services is the existing tendency to criminalize so much juvenile behavior these days. Most of us who grew up a generation ago would have been alumni of Juvenile Court today. We think that on balance, Memphis City Schools is best at calibrating actions to be taken against students rather than police."
As I enjoy my weekend, I hope you enjoy yours. TGIF!!