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The start of my day was at 6:30 AM although I was up before that exact time. For some reason I have this weird thing of waking up in the early morning hours. It is a dreadful feeling to get up early and take the classes around the time of the morning where the brain is just warming up just as a person would warm up their car. Today was the first day I have met my English teacher Wendy. She seems like a pretty cool teacher. I think I will enjoy being in her class once I get comfortable. She gave us an idea of what to expect throughout the semester and her expectations. Out of the eight topics given, I picked the topic School Assessment. The reason I chosed this topic from the rest is the result of me having a little bit familiar knowledge and ideas geared towards school and education. I do look forward to working and writing assignments that will be given to the class throughout the year. English is my major and I do plan on becoming a teacher, so this is a class where it may be my strongest subject as it has been in the past or it could be known as an area of expertise. With that being said, I'm a little rough around the edges (laughing out loud).

Not that the title of this blog is important, but I had in mind to allow this blog to have a unique title. I think everyone has a moment in time that gives them a daring desire to dream a dream, to think of something meaningful, to do something that will help us all build a better society. Hopefully, everything in this blog will allow me and others a chance to dream, think, and do something. I think this title if pretty cool because it was really to not have a "lame" title for a blog. I find it kind of interesting. As they say, it is the thought that counts as well as you as a person that takes action to change and improve society. Though I have written a title for this blog, I am not sure if it will stay the same, but we will see what happens.

At times, I will do my try my best to not to make this blog boring, but interesting. I really think that my manifesto represented a surface of what I think and what is something that needs to be done. I have read other students' manifesto. With some of the manifestos that were posted, I did agree with concepts that were mentioned and while others I could give my opinion on what I thought of what the author has written I believe in giving feedback and comments, so I hope that my comments that will be written on various blogs allows other people to know what I'm thinking and what I would do and maybe what I dream of doing. Though I have read the blogs, I have yet to a comment on them which I will because (1) it is apart of the blog project, (2) the comments are my responses that allows my observations to be stated directly to the person, and (3) the replies, or comments, given to others will help them think further with an open mind about what is left as a comment that then allows them come to an abstract conclusion which then causes the person to recognize new concepts, ideas, principles, and a different way of learning.
Tomorrow I do not know I will write about next since it is our time to post whatever we want. I do look forward to posting a new post. So far, I'm enjoying Project Blog.

Feel free (or make it a habit!) to respond to this or any of my posts by leaving a comment, e-mailing me, or see me in person. I'm always open to a good discussion and interaction with my readers that will find my blog interesting.


  • Hi Kelvin! I think that it will be very interesting to study school assessment with you. I'm glad you've found something that you're already interested in.

    Great post. See you tomorrow.

  • Yes, it would be interesting to share my research with you and others. I do find the other topics interesting and very important to the city, but schools and public education has been have strong interest in. With this being said, I think the other topics that will be studied can help everyone build a better city. It is like auditing the city to see what needs to be done