A Windy Monday

Today is Monday. It is awesome outside. Nice weather with a breezy wind and the warm sun. Can get this day get any better? I hope! I had a good weekend. It was relaxing. I managed to find several articles on the topic that I have been talking about for the last week. Now I have to get them printed out. That should not be a problem... if I can find a computer to use to print. Though I did save everything on my laptop and emailed a handful of articles to myself and uploaded some on UMdrive.

I just read an article on Slate.com and the title is It's Time to Drink Toilet Water. It appears to have a “unique” title that lead me to read the article.. This article was written Saturday and it is about California's new water system that will recycle the water from your toilet and it will go through some pipes and then get purified and go back to the lakes. Months later it will go back to homes. Meaning you will get it through the kitchen taps, showerheads, and anyone else you get your household water. This is what I found as the basic statement of the article. They think it is better to get water by using this method then trying to drain a lake. Also its cheaper. I'm not sure of what to think about this. I don't really know what to say. If everything goes right, I guess the water there will be much better and good. Not saying we do not have good water. Just was curious to read the article because the title caught my attention.For those who are working on sex and abortion, here's an article for ya: Good Judgement. Maybe you will find this useful or maybe not. Let me share the first paragraph:

"Today, Roe v. Wade is 35 years old. If you're tired of rehashing thesame
debate every Jan. 22, here are two ideas that would advance the debate to a
better place by this time next year. To pro-choicers: Talk about abortion the
way you've been talking about teen sex, embracing an ideal number of zero. To
pro-lifers: Accept that the best way to advance toward zero is through voluntary
prevention. . ."

Tomorrow I will have my Memphis Lead Team meeting today at 2:30 pm. I read the assigned play for Theater class. The play, Medea, was not that bad. I started reading last night and then I finished in my math class today. Government class was not that boring as it usually is weekly. Tomorrow I look forward to attended English and Theater class. The downside is walking from one end of the campus to another. Great excercise!!

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  • Actually Kelvin, this is how water usually makes it to our tap. I think Memphis is an exception to rule considering it has huge amounts of fresh water to sue. In Kansas City, we went to the factory that adds clourine and filters the water and destroys the filth from toilets and drainage. But it deosn't go straight to the homes. It actually goes to the rivers and downstream, another water plant will do the exact same thing to the water again and it will be cleaner and more drinkable. It's utterly disgusting, but oh well.

  • Oh. Maybe I have did not quite understand the article. I usually drink water often, but sometimes I like the flavor water best. You got first hand tour of the water system. I think it does sounds disgusting myself, but I guess it is worth going through the process. Water is need and we use water in our life each and everyday.

  • Yup, and Memphis some of the best water in Tennessee YAY!