Memphis, Memphis, Oh Memphis!

I just read an article from the Bringing Back Whitehaven blog. One of the post entitled Is Memphis the Forgotten City? talks about a list of cities they are ranked as the best places for young professionals. Originally seen as a slideshow on Forbes Magazine's website I remember in the past reading it on the website. The author mentioned a couple of good points that I do think about as I read about other great news from other cities and the rankings of different cities. I want to ask this question: Is Memphis a city that is forgotten in the daily news with other major cities?

There some good cities for young professionals. In my opinion, Memphis is like a starting place for everyone and at times people are not going to move because they like Memphis and I find that a good thing. This city is a starting place for me. Some cities may not have everything a person is looking for. You have to look at the different aspect of what a city can offer different professional people. As I glance at the television at times and see all these wonderful, cool events happening at other cities, I think to myself "why isn't this happening here in Memphis?" I can say for myself that this city is unique. In the article it mention that they track down where college graduates go to when they are end up after ten year, they track down where the young people are located, and many other factors fall in this situation. Where do University of Memphis graduates and alumni end up once they have their college education?

Sometimes when there is an article ranking cities we are usually somewhere in the middle. For example they may rank the worse cities with crimes, foreclosure of houses, the highest rent, or taxes. Some of these stats can be good and bad. As stated before, I believe Memphis is unique. Are the rankings a matter if facts or what people think? I wonder how would someone conclude which cities are best for young professionals. I wonder if everything I am saying makes sense to you, I'm falling behind on my blog because of the lack of power from Tuesday. After reading the post from the blog, this is the moment in time for me dare myself (and others) to dream up a plan that will change our city, that dream should cause us to think on how we should take action to support an issue that we find a need to improve, after all the dreaming and thinking, there should be an yearning to go out and do something. A dare to dream, think do.