Crime in Midtown


Like most of the other students, I have read about the post (earlier today) from the My Midtown Memphis blog, but I am just now writing about it, dealing with the robberies in area of Midtown. The comment I left is this-- It is just crazy for people to go around and robbing people of a pizza. I can say that most criminals are usually linked to other crimes they create. I do like the idea that the college sent out alerts to the students. The safety alert is one method that can help keep everyone in and around the community safe. These teenagers should be at home playing games or studying homework for school. I think the parents should keep a better watch over their children.

At the end of the post, the author states that the teenagers "targets people who are walking the dogs or exercising after dark." I do not see why people would want to be on the streets of Memphis or any city during the dark. You would think some people would have sense to go inside when it gets dark. I guess they will not learn until they learn first hand. They went out after a man delivering pizza. They are one of the people that are human targets. I can only picture a robber just shooting a person going around the neighborhood dropping off pizza. I guess these teenagers had nothing else to do around that time of the night. I guess they got hungry and thought "hey look that man is delivering pizza, let's go gun him down and take the pizza." The good thing is that everything was not a "major" crime. No one was really hurt is what I mean. Rhodes College sent out a safety alert which is something that is good because college students should be protected just as we have our text messaging system here at the U of M. We all have to be safe and know our surroundings. You do not know who is lurking out there to get themselves into trouble.

As usual, your feedback is welcomed whether you leave a comment, have a question that you would like to have answered, or have suggestions for me. You can always e-mail me as well.
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Memphis, Memphis, Oh Memphis!


I just read an article from the Bringing Back Whitehaven blog. One of the post entitled Is Memphis the Forgotten City? talks about a list of cities they are ranked as the best places for young professionals. Originally seen as a slideshow on Forbes Magazine's website I remember in the past reading it on the website. The author mentioned a couple of good points that I do think about as I read about other great news from other cities and the rankings of different cities. I want to ask this question: Is Memphis a city that is forgotten in the daily news with other major cities?

There some good cities for young professionals. In my opinion, Memphis is like a starting place for everyone and at times people are not going to move because they like Memphis and I find that a good thing. This city is a starting place for me. Some cities may not have everything a person is looking for. You have to look at the different aspect of what a city can offer different professional people. As I glance at the television at times and see all these wonderful, cool events happening at other cities, I think to myself "why isn't this happening here in Memphis?" I can say for myself that this city is unique. In the article it mention that they track down where college graduates go to when they are end up after ten year, they track down where the young people are located, and many other factors fall in this situation. Where do University of Memphis graduates and alumni end up once they have their college education?

Sometimes when there is an article ranking cities we are usually somewhere in the middle. For example they may rank the worse cities with crimes, foreclosure of houses, the highest rent, or taxes. Some of these stats can be good and bad. As stated before, I believe Memphis is unique. Are the rankings a matter if facts or what people think? I wonder how would someone conclude which cities are best for young professionals. I wonder if everything I am saying makes sense to you, I'm falling behind on my blog because of the lack of power from Tuesday. After reading the post from the blog, this is the moment in time for me dare myself (and others) to dream up a plan that will change our city, that dream should cause us to think on how we should take action to support an issue that we find a need to improve, after all the dreaming and thinking, there should be an yearning to go out and do something. A dare to dream, think do.
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A Windy Monday


Today is Monday. It is awesome outside. Nice weather with a breezy wind and the warm sun. Can get this day get any better? I hope! I had a good weekend. It was relaxing. I managed to find several articles on the topic that I have been talking about for the last week. Now I have to get them printed out. That should not be a problem... if I can find a computer to use to print. Though I did save everything on my laptop and emailed a handful of articles to myself and uploaded some on UMdrive.

I just read an article on and the title is It's Time to Drink Toilet Water. It appears to have a “unique” title that lead me to read the article.. This article was written Saturday and it is about California's new water system that will recycle the water from your toilet and it will go through some pipes and then get purified and go back to the lakes. Months later it will go back to homes. Meaning you will get it through the kitchen taps, showerheads, and anyone else you get your household water. This is what I found as the basic statement of the article. They think it is better to get water by using this method then trying to drain a lake. Also its cheaper. I'm not sure of what to think about this. I don't really know what to say. If everything goes right, I guess the water there will be much better and good. Not saying we do not have good water. Just was curious to read the article because the title caught my attention.For those who are working on sex and abortion, here's an article for ya: Good Judgement. Maybe you will find this useful or maybe not. Let me share the first paragraph:

"Today, Roe v. Wade is 35 years old. If you're tired of rehashing thesame
debate every Jan. 22, here are two ideas that would advance the debate to a
better place by this time next year. To pro-choicers: Talk about abortion the
way you've been talking about teen sex, embracing an ideal number of zero. To
pro-lifers: Accept that the best way to advance toward zero is through voluntary
prevention. . ."

Tomorrow I will have my Memphis Lead Team meeting today at 2:30 pm. I read the assigned play for Theater class. The play, Medea, was not that bad. I started reading last night and then I finished in my math class today. Government class was not that boring as it usually is weekly. Tomorrow I look forward to attended English and Theater class. The downside is walking from one end of the campus to another. Great excercise!!

Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome whether you leave a comment or send me an email.
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Friday, Finally


I had a wonderful day. I went to Government class and we watched a news story on political ads and how they affect the way politicians work around the system to get votes or to stop others from voting for their enemies. It was pretty good news story. I enjoyed it. My friend and I was glad that we did not have to take any notes or hear the teacher lecture all period. After class was over I decided to come to the room to keep warm because it is VERY cold outside. I thought my fingers were going to break off. It was colder at 7:30 than it is now. I just think it is the wind that makes it colder than what the temperature is really like. I decided to watch TV as I relaxed to get go to Mitchell Hall for 11:30 math. I sat in the very back of the classroom. I had a better view from the back, so I thought rather than being way in front. Thought I am taking the same teacher that I had last semester, she can be a bit boring. Math is always boring. I have more homework to do this weekend. I have a good amount to do. I am behind three assignments now for her class, if I am not mistaken.

I mentioned in an earlier post about me responding to what the author of Smart City Memphis blog wrote Wednesday about Memphis City Schools and securit. Here is the response I recieved:
"Kelvin Oliver: We agree with you. Our reasoning against MPD providing this and other security services is the existing tendency to criminalize so much juvenile behavior these days. Most of us who grew up a generation ago would have been alumni of Juvenile Court today. We think that on balance, Memphis City Schools is best at calibrating actions to be taken against students rather than police."
As I enjoy my weekend, I hope you enjoy yours. TGIF!!
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School Assessment: A Fresh Start


Today has been a good day, I must say. I have already discussed my day, or afternoon, if I may say. The fifteen minutes of jotting ideas allowed me see what I am going to do as I work on my project. It felt good to share with my fellow classmates what I have written and what I want to get out of doing this project. I have plenty of research that needs to be done. As stated in an earlier post: "the way everything is going with our project I don't feel like I am just a student, but rather I'm a researcher, an expert, or someone that has been given a task to improve our city.

I noticed that Wendy wants us to interview someone in the related topic we are doing. I have been thinking about who I want to interview. Maybe I would like to interview two different people. I'm not quite sure on exactly going about doing the interview, but it will be interesting to see what people have to say. I do have a few ideas floating around in my massive brain. There are other ways of handing the school issue. I know I want to be an teacher. I do not want to teach at a messed up school system when I graduate from the U of M, but now is the time for me to let everyone, and maybe the school district, know that there are problems to solve and action to be taken. This is one reason why I'm am looking forward to doing this project.

Not to make a big deal out of it (posting comments), but I written more comments than what is required. I was not planning on writing more than what was needed, but I read different feelings and thoughts and I was lead to write a response. With the comments in mind, I started to think about what I have written as far as comments and that I have to go to class and be surrounded with those students who have a comment from me. I did not want to post a comment just because Wendy told us we have to, but I wanted to help others. I want to let them know I feel about their issues and that someone is out there reading and learning from them. Hopefully, my responses, rather than just comments, will inspire people or encourage them even further on working on their projects.

I went on Smart City Memphis blog and made a comment on the post that was about the security issue with Memphis City Schools. The question is rather they should use X-ray machines and continue to use metal detectors in schools for safety checks. I graduated from a city school and I know how those safety checks were through the four years. Among that, I noticed other students who have chosen the same topic and I wrote them a response on what I think about what they posted and gave them something to think about. I thought that was a good thing.

As usual, your feedback is welcomed whether you leave a comment, have a question that you would like to have answered, or have suggestions for me. You can always e-mail me as well. I am encouraging everyone to communicate with me as I make a moment in this time to dare you to dream something that will cause you to think about Memphis and America, leading you to do something - to take action about the issues you support!
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Afternoon Post


I felt like writing in my blog. I'll make this my aftenoon composition and write more a bit later.

I'm moving on to today. In my Intro to Theater class, it was a tad bit boring. We started reading the play "Medea" by Euripides. I have heard about Euripides in high school in my Honors Humanities class. Our homework for the weekend is to read the rest of the play by Tuesday. I will print it out - all 50 pages!! I do like the teacher, Mr. David Prete. He is a nice person and I like the way he breaks everything down so we can understand it. I do plan on going to see the play "A Lesson Before Dying" because we have to write a critique on it. I'm so dreading to write that paper. I hate that I got to walk across the other end of campus to the Theater & Communication Building from Patterson Hall. Geesh! I'm dreading to do my Algebra homework as well.

I did not feel like getting up at 6:30 this morning, but I did and had to do it anways. I left my room around 7:25 after watching a television show. I did look forward to being in English this morning. I will say that the way everything is going with our project I don't feel like I am just a student, but rather I'm a researcher, an expert, or someone that has been given a task to improve our city. We discussed our topics, as we sat in our usual circle, and broke into different groups. I look forward to working with my group members.

As I enjoy my afternoon, enjoy yours as well.
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My Blog


I'll let this first paragraph be a summary of my day. On this morning, I had American Government class. I kind of don't like the professor and my math class was a bit boring, usually it is that way. I had her last semester so it isn't so bad taking her again... for now at least. Today has been a long, cold day. It sure made me want to sleep and watch television. For my sake, I can't always do this because I must do something productive. A television show I usually like to watch just ended. I wonder if another episode will come on afterwards. This week is going by fast and I am ready for the weekend. Before our eyes January will be over and a new month will start. February 15th is my birthday!

I have noticed that we are not using a book for English. Wendy thanks for not requiring a book to be bought. I'm so happy about it in fact. That is extra money in my pocket. Books are not cheap and neither is college to an extent. For me, I think college students need money for this and that and other purposes to cover both their needs and wants. On yesterday's post I mentioned that my topic was dealing with school and education. I also mentioned a chunk of basic ideas on what I thought about this issue in my manifesto. I really did not go in depth details because I did not want to cause confusion or get lost in word choice and the way of forming sentences. Therefore, I kept it at a basic, informal manifesto. I remember reading another student's blog and there is this comment that a student left one of the posts about the manifestos being written in different ways. I forgot the names of the students. What a slight lack of memory. The topic that I picked on yesterday will explain and go in details and in depth on school assessment and all that good stuff. Everything will be focused on a national level, but it will be summed up to the issue of our local school system.

As I go through the beginning stages of using this blog, you as the reader, will notice that I will be talking about several different topics whether it will be for class, something I want you and the public to know, or just having the urge to update my blog. Some ideas and discussions will be from publications (magazines) that may be used in class. There will be moments in time where you will just fall asleep and start dreaming. Who knows what your dream will be about, but just understand that the dream is going to be good at times or it may just be weird. There will be moments in time that will cause you to have that dare to think of a plan that will change your life and others. There will be moments in time that will dare you to do something that will change a law or make an issue made known to the public. These are moments that will be important in our lives. This moment, my moment, and your moment in this time will make an important date in history and for future generations.

I can say that I have stated the purpose and maybe just a mission statement for this blog. As usual, your feedback is welcomed whether you leave a comment or just sending me a e-mail.

Enjoy your night.
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Project Blog


The start of my day was at 6:30 AM although I was up before that exact time. For some reason I have this weird thing of waking up in the early morning hours. It is a dreadful feeling to get up early and take the classes around the time of the morning where the brain is just warming up just as a person would warm up their car. Today was the first day I have met my English teacher Wendy. She seems like a pretty cool teacher. I think I will enjoy being in her class once I get comfortable. She gave us an idea of what to expect throughout the semester and her expectations. Out of the eight topics given, I picked the topic School Assessment. The reason I chosed this topic from the rest is the result of me having a little bit familiar knowledge and ideas geared towards school and education. I do look forward to working and writing assignments that will be given to the class throughout the year. English is my major and I do plan on becoming a teacher, so this is a class where it may be my strongest subject as it has been in the past or it could be known as an area of expertise. With that being said, I'm a little rough around the edges (laughing out loud).

Not that the title of this blog is important, but I had in mind to allow this blog to have a unique title. I think everyone has a moment in time that gives them a daring desire to dream a dream, to think of something meaningful, to do something that will help us all build a better society. Hopefully, everything in this blog will allow me and others a chance to dream, think, and do something. I think this title if pretty cool because it was really to not have a "lame" title for a blog. I find it kind of interesting. As they say, it is the thought that counts as well as you as a person that takes action to change and improve society. Though I have written a title for this blog, I am not sure if it will stay the same, but we will see what happens.

At times, I will do my try my best to not to make this blog boring, but interesting. I really think that my manifesto represented a surface of what I think and what is something that needs to be done. I have read other students' manifesto. With some of the manifestos that were posted, I did agree with concepts that were mentioned and while others I could give my opinion on what I thought of what the author has written I believe in giving feedback and comments, so I hope that my comments that will be written on various blogs allows other people to know what I'm thinking and what I would do and maybe what I dream of doing. Though I have read the blogs, I have yet to a comment on them which I will because (1) it is apart of the blog project, (2) the comments are my responses that allows my observations to be stated directly to the person, and (3) the replies, or comments, given to others will help them think further with an open mind about what is left as a comment that then allows them come to an abstract conclusion which then causes the person to recognize new concepts, ideas, principles, and a different way of learning.
Tomorrow I do not know I will write about next since it is our time to post whatever we want. I do look forward to posting a new post. So far, I'm enjoying Project Blog.

Feel free (or make it a habit!) to respond to this or any of my posts by leaving a comment, e-mailing me, or see me in person. I'm always open to a good discussion and interaction with my readers that will find my blog interesting.
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Kelvin Oliver
Ms. Wendy Sumner
English 1020-043

In our society on a broaden perspective there are goals and documents set out to help everyone across the country. There are also plans that are more personally and sought out on a smaller scale. These documents may be written out by a person, a group of people, or they can be written out for a business. This compact is something that is called a manifesto. A manifesto can be written for different reasons whether it is a goal to life, or if there is a need for a change, and even if its something that help us political wise. The manifesto, in general, can motive in some way or another to expand our ideas and broaden the horizon of building a better society and change communities to reach for the goal of teamwork. A manifesto can be a plan to change our view of the world, a document that will allows everyone to get up and do something about an issue that is very important in their lives. This manifesto is a combination of my thoughts, ideas, and how I feel about the today’s modern society. Let me allow the personally feelings to flow out in the way that as an English major being in college to become a high school teacher, this manifesto was written in the way that the "teacher that is inside of me" came out; therefore this is somewhat written not just being an college student.

Diversity is among us everyday. Everyone is from a different ethic group. Accepting the fact that we go about our everyday lives with multicultural people is a good advantage to broaden the scope of accepting people into our lives, work, and school environment. I believe that we all should take the time to get to know each other outside of our race. Accepting diversity and culture is important. If someone refuses to associate with other people other than their “own people”, that person is on the road to discrimination. Diversity helps build up a friendly, sustainable community for everyone to enjoy. Not only will acceptance of diversity into our lives will help us on a personally level, but it will also give way to a better government. To believe that if there were to be different government officials from a variety of backgrounds, and they came to work together to build a better America with open minds is to say that this is what we need around here. The principle of accepting diversity and expanding our minds to other culture will allow some of the common issues dissolve. I’m sure that individuals are exposed to the negative stereotype that surfs among our community. If everyone would embrace the culture and people around them, then we would not have to worry about people being different colors, but rather as a person. Let them be a person that wants to be a better citizen in this country. Let that person want to accept that we have people who cannot speak English, but wants to be apart of our community and not feel like an outcast. Let that person of a different background share with others what they know. Sharing with each other is gaining knowledge – the knowledge to accept that we have diversity in the country. I do not think that diversity exists in our lives, but it does exist in the community and throughout the city.

Going to school from elementary to graduating high school and going off to college is a standard path in life. Most people are playing a big part of our education while others really do not care. The future of education will be in the hands of future leaders. Education is like a button on a coat. It is something everyone needs to make it through today’s world. Everyone should care about education, the schools, the teachers, and just the concept of being educated will be like in a few years. As we all know that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. We should make sure that our schools are safe enough for each student to spend his or her day in school being taught by a teacher without any disruptions or a something major that can harm the safety of someone. It is important to make sure that we are getting the best education we can get. The principle of education can be stated in different ways because everyone has their own goal of succeeding students to learning using different methods and standards. Let’s take in consideration that the mottos and mission statements of an individual school will be the key principles of gearing towards a better education for the generations to come. Agreeing with this is showing that you are on the same page as I am and that you are going to have a role in a local school district, state wide or national education. All of us can play a part in better education and making successful citizens not only for our own selves, but also for others.

Being a better person is a good thing. Everyone can not be perfect nor can they be a stuck up aristocrat. I believe in just enjoying life to the fullest. If parents see that their children are happy, then it should be taken that they should be happen as well for their children. I believe that when everyone else is happy or I have done something to make them happy it makes me a better person to know that I have affected them in a certain way. In other words, we need leaders. Leaders that will lead others to better themselves whether it is personally or within the community. Leaders are to set examples so we call be become decent people and go through the process of changing lives, or if not changing lives, influence of changing something from a bad habit to a good one. Like most people would say, everything must begin from within the family. The principle of being a leader in your family that leads to happiness will lead to the family members to become leaders to better themselves so that can be successfully role models to other people in the community and across the country should be something adapted as a personally goal.

No matter what we do in life we should learn how to become a better person. Yes, there will be the good days and the days where we are not ourselves, but we should not give up. Building a better society is a goal that should be throughout thoroughly. Not everyone will have the same ideas, but at least they will be set on the same mind frame of doing something positive improve our global community. My manifesto is a bit long, but the goal is to express what I think and feel to everyone that there is a time to become a team and realize that there is work that must be done.
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The Grand Opening


It is a new year and a new semester at the U of M. I'm an English major. This is my first blog post of the year. I do look forward to being in Wendy's class and I think I will probably enjoy being in my English 1020 class. If I may, I would say this may not be "traditional" class. The idea of having this blog and using technology through this course is pretty cool to me because I do enjoy using computers and having interaction during class. I believe having this blog will improve my writing and expands my thoughts, ideas, and communication within the community and people I assoicate with. Meeting my teacher, Wendy, for the first is an anxious moment for me.
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