Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since I last wrote a post. During the two weeks I braced myself for another semester and relaxed as much as possible. Finally it was time to start the new Fall semester. I only been in school for a week now and dealing with books and buying them is getting my my nerves. I have five classes this time around and I like them. I like my classes I have this semester. I have one professor who is laid back and likes to teach and get straight to the point and we’re out the door. Now that’s the way to teach. She knows how we feel as students. Sociology will be quite the class. I’m sure it will be interesting, too.

My Algebra class is a challenge…and the work is done online. That adds more work to complete and submit online  My online class is so far pretty good. I’ve done some reading and had some music playing in the background so I could read about classroom practices and language assessment without falling asleep. I just have to read a bit more and then actually start on the work that is due next weekend. I think it helps to get through the reading when there is music playing in the background. I don’t know what to say about my Brit Lit professor.  And the homework is slowing coming... no complaints yet. I’m also glad that we do not have classes today!! Yes!

Over the last two weeks I have not posted. Not that I did not want to post, I didn’t know what to write about. So much can be written but left in the brainstorming stages. But it happens when there’s nothing really to write about or sometimes go a few days without blogging. Hey it happens. You can’t pretend it doesn’t. Though I have not blogged, I have been in the background of things while I go through the routine of getting back in to school (and located at other places online). I did get a bit lazy to blog, but I didn’t have anything really to post or share. Random side note: The word ‘nonsensical’ is an interesting word. I’m not sure if it is used a lot. All in all it is time to blog again… I surely do not want to go down the path of no return.

It felt like yesterday when the first of August was here. NOW it is September. Gee whiz the days are passing. It’s not too hot, but soon the season will change it and will slowly start to cool down and the leaves changing and all that good stuff. A few days into then new month. And last came and flew by too fast. Unexpectedly. I had a good first weekend of this month, but I’ve been really tired lately. Like I am not getting enough sleep thought I have been up early and go to sleep early. I don’t know. My family call me an old man. I disagree.

How was your weekend? What have you done over the last week?