Crime in Midtown

Like most of the other students, I have read about the post (earlier today) from the My Midtown Memphis blog, but I am just now writing about it, dealing with the robberies in area of Midtown. The comment I left is this-- It is just crazy for people to go around and robbing people of a pizza. I can say that most criminals are usually linked to other crimes they create. I do like the idea that the college sent out alerts to the students. The safety alert is one method that can help keep everyone in and around the community safe. These teenagers should be at home playing games or studying homework for school. I think the parents should keep a better watch over their children.

At the end of the post, the author states that the teenagers "targets people who are walking the dogs or exercising after dark." I do not see why people would want to be on the streets of Memphis or any city during the dark. You would think some people would have sense to go inside when it gets dark. I guess they will not learn until they learn first hand. They went out after a man delivering pizza. They are one of the people that are human targets. I can only picture a robber just shooting a person going around the neighborhood dropping off pizza. I guess these teenagers had nothing else to do around that time of the night. I guess they got hungry and thought "hey look that man is delivering pizza, let's go gun him down and take the pizza." The good thing is that everything was not a "major" crime. No one was really hurt is what I mean. Rhodes College sent out a safety alert which is something that is good because college students should be protected just as we have our text messaging system here at the U of M. We all have to be safe and know our surroundings. You do not know who is lurking out there to get themselves into trouble.

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  • This is so true! Out of everyone, you want to pick on the poor pizza delivery boy? Its not like they keep a lot of money on them anyways. But you cannot put all of the blame on the parents. Many children actually have good parents. Parents can only try to teach their seeds the proper way of doing things. The rest is up to the children. Sometimes if parents are too strict, it causes the children to be rebellious! But in my house, I was too scared to be rebellious!But not all kids are the same. The only thing you can do is Pray for them, Pray they God protects you. THERE ARE ALOT OF CRAZY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

  • You do make a point there about the parents. I believe there is a certain level that involves respect between everyone in the family. We don't know what was going on with those teenagers. I know when robberies happened with the youth, we do not know what is going on with them. I wonder if you ask the teenagers why did doing crime in this city, they might be able to answer it. We all have to be safe and pray for our safety and everyone else around us.