A Good Conversation

Today was a beautiful Tuesday. Amazing weather we are having today. The walk around campus was delightful as the windy blew strongly and the warmth of the sun beamed on me.

It seem as the semester comes closer to an end students start to slowly stop coming to class. Although half of the students were not in class, I still enjoyed our discussion. The discussion was good and a couple of students shared very thoughtful knowledge. Overall, I woke up to a late start and glad to have the chance to be back in class. I will admit that I was not fully engaged in the participation of the class.

Friday there are three writers that will end the River City Writers Series for this semester. We have an assignment that we have to complete by this Thursday on three writers: Christine Kenneally, Joshua Prager and Stacy Sullivan. We also have other assignments due as well. Thursday we have a speaker coming to us to talk about the No Child Left Behind and go in depth how it relates to our schools in Memphis. These will be my third and fourth Outside Events for this semester. It is kind of like killing two birds with one stone.

I always enjoy having a good conversation with people. Who doesn't? Not everyone is a people person. The more you read about current events, issues that are going on around campus, and then you can grab a cup of hot chocolate and have a very awesome conversation with someone. In other words, we should talk and have discussions to understand each other. As written in the writing response I wrote entitled Understanding Another Viewpoint, humans are quick to react to something that is said in the sense of not agreeing with what we believe. It is not every day thing to stop or walk to class and start talking with someone about a magazine article.

In general, you can have a conversation with just about anyone. I know there are people who can walk right to you and start talking and you will not noticed what happened 30 minutes later. Not everyone will want to hear you talk about something that means something to you whereas a person will just to push you away. A bad conversation can always turn into a debate or the use of curse words. Hopefully, you are trying to make peace rather than trouble. As people often say, don't start anything that you can't stop. That is the last possible result you want.

When you bump into someone, greet them. That conversation can be about anything, but it is a pleasure to talk to someone rather than no one.


  • What exactly are we supposed to write about those three writers. I didn't quite get the assignment instructions on that one.

  • You know what, Me too, I like the weather a lot. ANd yes, I've noticed MANY people who have not shown up to classes these days. Well, more room for me to walk the halls, and more computers at the computer lab.

  • Everything that Wendy wrote on the board about the three writers, we are to research them and write an explaination about those points that are related to their writings.

    In other words, for each bullet point, you can write two or three sentences about the phrases that relates to the writer that wrote about baseball. Then, for one write who wrote the book about lanuage, we are to list a few of her articles or blogs. I hope you understand now.

  • is this supposed to be on our blogs, or brought to class?

  • This is suppose to be typed and printed out to bring to class tomorrow. It can also count towards a blog post.